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Trailer sightings…

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Hey, everyone.  Just wanted to address this so-called “trailer” that has popped up around the web in the last few days.  I appreciate some of you trying to share the link to it here on the blog, but it actually wasn’t something we ever intended to be viewed by the public.  It was created many months ago as a sales tool for our international sales folks to use.  It was made BEFORE a lot of the effects were finished and even uses some test footage that was created before the movie was even done.  In fact, there are many creative directions there that weren’t in the finished stages at all.  It is NOT representative of what the movie ultimately looked like.  We’ve been trying to get it removed from various sites because we think it really isn’t representative of what the movie is now AT ALL.  A lot of people, myself included, worked very hard to create a movie we’re all very proud of and I can say with 100% certainty that what is in that “trailer” is not the product we created.  The good part of that is that we’re now bending all of our efforts to get an official trailer out there to show you all what the movie really is.  Look for it soon.




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Yep, in case you didn’t hear it, we have indeed received our rating from the MPAA.  Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is now rated PG-13.  We argued quite strongly with the MPAA, as it had initially been given an R rating, but without changing a frame of the actual film were able to convince them that it should be PG-13.  As I said earlier on this blog, we didn’t want to compromise a frame of what we wanted to do with the movie, and Kevin wasn’t asked to edit to any particular rating, but the fact that we got to a PG-13 without having to compromise anything is pretty exciting to me.  More news soon…


Quick update…

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Final color corrections this week.  Movie will be in the can as of Friday.  Look for news on a domestic distributor to follow very quickly thereafter.  Woo HOO!!!


A Valentine’s Treat

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I know that I’m doling this out a little slower than some of you would like, but I’ve only got so many and I want to make them last.  Plus, I’m an evil, evil man who enjoys torturing loyal fans.  No, wait, sorry!  That was the evil me created by a transporter accident.  🙂

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/VMILWHW (Very Much In Love With His Wife)

Moving right along…

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We’re still making little tweaks here or there, but we held another screening last night (sorry I couldn’t inform anyone about it!) and the audience really, really loved it.  I continue to be more and more proud of the movie as it’s coming together.  We even had some of the effect shots from our partners at Prana Studios (the effects house we’re using) and they look GREAT!!!

I know this is a frustrating time and everyone is dying to see something new from the film (photos, trailers, anything!) but it’s all about the timing right now.  We don’t want to give too much away this far out or else everyone will get excited about something and then have to wait months to see it.  Too soon and we risk those of you who aren’t already on the edge of your seats forgetting about the movie!  However frustrating it is for you guys, it’s ten times more frustrating for us that no one gets to see all the great work we’ve done!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/FLAEM (Feeling Like An Expectant Mother)

ah…the internet

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For those of you who are familiar with me on twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed some recent posts I made there about the demise of the great Neil Diamond (  It was done as a experiment in social media.  After a few posts on both sites, the rumor spread and eventually the search “Neil Diamond dead” wound up on Yahoo’s top searches for the day.  Somebody also changed the Wikipedia page on Mr. Diamond.  All of this prompted the real and very much alive Mr. Diamond to start twittering to prove he was still alive.  This all came from a few Facebook updates and twitter updates to my social circle, which is truly not that large.  Updates that had NO actual articles, interviews, or facts of any kind to back them up but were picked up and passed along. I did it because I’m personally fascinated with the disappearance of journalistic integrity.  Actually, honestly fascinated with the fact that you can post something ridiculous on the web and it is immediately accepted as fact.  It’s like the high school rumor mill has been pumped full of steroids and spread it’s ugly tendrils around the world.

But why is this important to a production blog on the upcoming movie “Dead of Night”?  Well, somebody this morning, with NO articles, interviews, or facts of any kind to back it up posted that Dead of Night was now going direct to DVD and it has spread around like wildfire.

To put a kibosh on this: there is no doubt that this movie will be a definite theatrical release.

Whomever started this had not spoken to anyone with the production or fact-checked this in any way before posting it.  Personally, I suspect Neil Diamond.  He’s got it out for me now.  I truly, honestly would like to apologize, Mr. Diamond.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/SMS (Social Media Scientist)

What now?

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week, folks.  I got back from New Orleans only to find I needed immediate oral surgery.  Won’t go into the gory details, but it wasn’t fun and didn’t leave me with a lot of “umph” to want to do much but lie there in pain.  I know, kind of breaks the whole “tough stuntman” image, eh?  Not that those who know me really ever had that image, mind you…  🙂

So where do we go from here?  The cameras are done rolling, the costumes have been boxed up, and my own elbows and knee-pads are put away.  What’s next?  Surely it’s just a matter of doing a little editing and then we’ve got a movie.  Week or so, right?

Not exactly.  Now things really start happening.  Sure, the fun part is done, or at least what I consider the fun part, but now things start rolling on two major fronts.  The first one is that Kevin and our editor, Paul Hirsch, have to basically lock themselves in an editing bay for the next six months,  pouring through two months of footage and connecting the dots while working with the music and sound department to make sure everything fits together seamlessly.  (If you don’t know Paul, don’t be embarrassed.  I didn’t either.  But I DO know a little film he won an Oscar for back in 1978 and quite a few movies he’s done since sit in my DVD collection.  Bragging rights to whomever names the film first.)

The second front we’ll get rolling on soon is the major PR and Marketing push for the film.  One of the reasons my hands have been kind of tied here is that the PR/Marketing Machine that’s been lined up for the film has been waiting until we lock down a release date before they start barraging you with photos, clips, etc.  They don’t want to start releasing things too early or people will lose interest in the film before we get close to the actual release.  I know I’m not talking to the Dylan fans or Brandon fans or Dan Forcey fans (Hi, Mom!) out there, as you’ll all go see it regardless and be just as excited if you see a clip now as if you saw it two months ago.  (Well, maybe not my fan club, as she…ahem…I mean THEY find movies “just too loud these days”.)

So I’ll be keeping you all up to date on what’s happening on both fronts as well as sharing some stories from the set now that all is said and done.  Rest assured, oral surgery aside, this will remain THE place for all Dead of Night news.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/TT (Temporarily Toothless)