Trailer sightings…

Hey, everyone.  Just wanted to address this so-called “trailer” that has popped up around the web in the last few days.  I appreciate some of you trying to share the link to it here on the blog, but it actually wasn’t something we ever intended to be viewed by the public.  It was created many months ago as a sales tool for our international sales folks to use.  It was made BEFORE a lot of the effects were finished and even uses some test footage that was created before the movie was even done.  In fact, there are many creative directions there that weren’t in the finished stages at all.  It is NOT representative of what the movie ultimately looked like.  We’ve been trying to get it removed from various sites because we think it really isn’t representative of what the movie is now AT ALL.  A lot of people, myself included, worked very hard to create a movie we’re all very proud of and I can say with 100% certainty that what is in that “trailer” is not the product we created.  The good part of that is that we’re now bending all of our efforts to get an official trailer out there to show you all what the movie really is.  Look for it soon.



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  1. that’s ok, the “trailer” looks pretty bold. It shows a movie that’s not very much close to the comic book, but it looked like fun anyway.
    I mean, I’m still positive to the whole project.

  2. Well,im glad with the explanation,because im really disapointed with his trailer.I now the power of a trailer can be,and he never really shows what the movie is.I waiting for a new trailer when shows what the movie really is,abd im happy to see happening soon.The good think about this leaked trailer is see Brandon Routh very good as DD,im suprise.

  3. augustido Says:

    Hi I’m very happy that after 20 years they realized a movie…so after seen the trailer I can say that can be a beautiful movie!!
    The one thing that I’ve not seen in the trailer, and I’d like to see is when Dylan speak with his client…that was generally the begin of every comics..

  4. I’m also glad to hear that this trailer is old and unused. While some of what I saw was intriguing and funny, the overall presentation (Mainly the voice over & music) is pretty bad. Like really bad. I’m still looking forward to seeing this film, as the action appears well done and Brandon seems to have nailed Dylan’s character, but I can only hope the next trailer DOES NOT have that same awful 90’s look and feel.

  5. King2wolves Says:

    I’m sorry, if i come off as mean but the werewolf in the trailer doesn’t look like a werewolf at all, more like a troll. I hope that isn’t in the final product.

  6. Dan Braverman Says:

    I would like to remind Dan and everyone else concerned that no matter how unhappy they may be with the leaking of this promo footage to the net, the reason it was leaked is that people are REALLY interested in seeing our movie. I, for one, am. When I came across it, I thought it was quite good. It looked like a great thrill ride with a healthy dose of wry humor and decent FX. Now that I realize I was looking at a rough, thrown-together promo, I can’t wait to see what our team comes up with for a polished trailer. Kudos to our director, producers and cast!

  7. I agree with Diogo that Brandon embodies DD very well. Cool! Sam also looks very likeable as Marcus. The trailer wasn’t great, but it definitely showed potential, imo.

  8. Claudio Martino Says:

    I liked the beta-video, but I would see the official trailer soon!

  9. […] anche noi abbiamo linkato non è quello ufficiale. Ad affermarlo è il produttore Dan Forcey nel blog ufficiale del film. Quel trailer è soltanto una rozza produzione destinata ai distributori esteri e non al […]

  10. I agree with Dan Braverman. The main problem I am having is that we (the fans) have been told a trailer was coming “soon” for a year now. Perhaps you need to stop using that term unless you really mean in the next few weeks.

  11. So, the official trailer is oncoming?
    At this point, its release is the best way to forget the leaked trailer.

  12. Jon St. Clair Says:

    Maybe the fact that these fake trailers and premature trailers popping could serve as and indication that maybe you should get the trailer rolling…On the official site the coming soon sign on the “Trailer” has been there for half a year…

    Get to work…get something out before something else comes along to replace the zombie craze…You know how fickled the audience is…


  13. […] que não pelas mãos de italianos. Por outro lado, há que se dar um certo benefício da dúvida: no blog da produção do filme foi postado que esse vídeo foi feito para vender o filme para distribuidores, e que não tem […]

  14. Yeah… The audience almost hated this clip…
    And somebody still thinks that it is the official trailer…
    If you not release soon an official (and decent) teaser trailer, everybody will see this crap on internet…

    We don’t want a flop!…


  15. Read here:

    And the next page, too…


    I hope the word “Soon” means really “Soon”.

  16. Guys, they won’t show the ‘real’ trailer UNTIL they find a distribuitor for this film (in the US). As simple as that. So no matter how much we want to see it. It just makes no sense to show a trailer to a movie that does’t have a release date. Get it?

  17. Meant to say ‘doesn’t’ have a release date.

  18. Jon St. Clair Says:
    August 22, 2010 at 11:43 am
    the official site the coming soon sign on the “Trailer” has been there for half a year…

    Actually as I commented previously, the Official Dead of Night Site went up right after July 2009 ComicCon and the Trailer “Coming Soon” has been there since the site went up. So it has now been “Coming Soon” for over a year.

  19. 1. The trailer looks bad. Your explanation holds water but let’s be honest, you should not have left things this long without an official trailer (or a distributor for that matter). The average viewer doesn’t care for your reasons – they just want to see the film or any indication such as a trailer that the film is coming.

    2. The film looks nothing like the comic book and I’m not talking about production values etc. It’s the story and the characters: a) from all the possible stories you could have told it’s this generic piece you have come up with? b) I cannot remember a single episode where Dylan Dog acted as an action hero yet there seems to be tons of shooting in this. You may disagree with me as much as you like on this and cite difficulties in transferring comics to the big screen but I’ve read Dylan Dog for 20 years and I’ve seen at least 50 comic book adaptations: you could have done a different, and much more interesting movie (take “The Memories of the Invisible Man” + “On the other side of Death”; “Xabaras” + “Morgana” or “Nights of Full Moon” + “Cagiostro!” stories as examples). Of course, I haven’t seen the film yet – I’m talking about what is evident from the trailer – and rest assured I will see the film simply because I’m a fan of the character.

    3. The film could be interesting as a b-flick, though, and could be quite suitable for the DVD market. On the big screen, I’m not so sure: seems to be a predictable genre romp and unless you release it close to Halloween (mind, in competition with Saw and Paranormal Activity) it’s possible that nobody will pay any attention to it whatsoever. I hope I’m wrong on this and you do make money: it’s the only way you’ll make a second film that will get much closer to the comics.

    Until the film is released, then…

  20. […] Dead of Night. Lo promettono il regista Kevin Munroe su Facebook e il produttore Dan Forcey sul blog ufficiale del film, commentando il video diffuso in rete che pochi giorni fa anche noi abbiamo […]

  21. Where is the trailer?

  22. Any word on the trailer or is the “Look for it Soon” just another wait and see response. You should follow up with a real trailer after this last one.

    We are waiting…….

  23. AntoBlueberry Says:

    My idea of soon and yours seem to be a little different.

  24. Josh Oppneier Says:

    Direct-to-dvd release?

  25. hi, I just want to say that every one who has wrotten on this site are very anxious to see this movie soon in all our countries,that’s a fact.
    And there are many people that wants to earn some money or something else from us, all of us that are expecting this film.

  26. this is a great film as the comic

  27. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    two months from last update…e nothing happens…
    so sad! 😦

  28. I appreciate some of you trying to share the link to it here on the blog

  29. I saw on the Dead of Night facebook page that there would be a world wide premier of the trailer on Halloween night. But nothing surfaced.

    Any news?

  30. […] regista Kevin Munroe su Facebook e il produttore Dan Forcey sul blog ufficiale del film l’avevano promesso, e ora, dopo soli tre mesi finalmente i fan possono godere di uno […]

  31. So… nothing new since August? What’s going on there? Was the trailer damage that bad?

  32. so when will the trailer be out? is this movie even gunna be finished or in theatres? no one has ever heard of it in my circle or college even. so i suggest more advertising so that ppl actually want to see the movie

  33. AntoBlueberry Says:

    The Italian teaser poster is making the news. How about a new blog post? At least to update people on the sales of the movie abroad. Will they see it in France?

  34. AntoBlueberry Says:

    There’s still some interest for the movie out there, you know…

  35. the makers of this film suck! and need to get on the ball cuz u guys have no idea on how to get a movie of the ground ! STOP TELLING US SOON!!!!!!!! AND GIVE US A DATE U OWE THE FANS THAT AND THE CAST THAT AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (poor baranden suffering the superman curse)

  36. I agree completly with Ivica. I didn’t read Dylan Dog over 20 years but in 2 years I read almost 200, and I still read it whenever I can, even if I’m no longer in Italy.

    In my opinion the character is too young to be Dylan Dog( he already didn’t convinced me as Superman) and it seems he likes guns… Noo!! Dylan always forget his gun and is Groucho throwing the pistol into his hand. It looks like you couldn’t get Rupert Everett, the man that Dylan Dog was graphically inspired on… And there;s the rumor you had problems for the rights of Groucho… but a zombie as sidekick?!?

    I also think that this story about zombies and vampires…and werewolfs, come on!!! Have you even read the books? The story Johnny Freak is one of the most beautifull, and it’s about our real monsters… is not all about living deads…

    You say this is not the original trailer, but you already have an actor for the part that have nothing to do with him, there are too many gunshots for a movie where the main character hates violence, the side kick is already dead… I hope you at least know that Dylan also have vertigo, is vegetarian and astemic, and his only friends are his “buttler” Groucho and Inspector Bloch with whom he always meet in the pub to get help on is cases.
    And will you retract the fact that he’s a lover and falls in love in each story and always… almost always, finish with a broken heart??..

    Just don’t ruin a comic book that has the best selling rates in Italy. There is a reason for it… who Dylan Dog is! Don’t forget is fifth sense and half, that’s what it guides him in each investigation and sometimes saves his life!!

    Well, sorry for beeing so critic but you are making a movie of my favorit comic book, and not just mine, because there are millions of fans not just in Italy, but around the world. For instance I was just visiting Italy… and now…

    We wait to see…

  37. Luca Zanzi Says:

    Dear Dan,

    It’s been a while since this blog updated, but this isn’t a comment on that matter. Nor will I ask about the status of the film in the US, or trailer or release dates. I’m just using this method to thank you for keeping us posted throughout the film’s production, gathering a loyal fan base, and pretty much keeping us all in the loop. Your updates were amusing at times, always well written, and I gained a new insight and respect for certain aspects of filmmaking that I wasn’t familiar with in the past. I still remember your posts about Brian Steele’s incredible stamina and work ethic, or those in which you explained your pride in stepping up as a stunt coordinator when needed due to the circumstances.

    In short, it’s been a joy reading this blog regardless of the nature of the entries. I’m hoping this reaches you as a sort of email, and I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

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