Again, reports of our demise have been…

…greatly exaggerated.  The film is still very much alive and moving forward.  It’s just taking us a little longer than we would like to iron out domestic distribution.  BUT they are moving forward.  As a matter of fact, our brand new teaser will be premiering here:  Hopefully, we’ll be able to share it here as soon as they show it at the festival.



18 Responses to “Again, reports of our demise have been…”

  1. Awesome: Wish I could go.

    I bet it is packed. This should show any U.S distributor that Dylan Dog can pull in the money and audiences they need to make a nice profit.

    Wake up U.S distributors…….

  2. By teaser, Do you mean an actual teaser trailer?

    So more waiting. 😦 Really hope is worth it.

  3. Can’t wait to see some footage!

    Glad its not dead, not that I thought it was, but glad your saying its still alive. I’m sick of reading internet trolls saying all manner of untruths.

  4. Francesco Manga Says:

    I’ll be there at the festival Saturday… And I can not wait to see the trailer!

  5. AWESOME!Great expectations about the trailer!

  6. kingsean92 Says:

    Is the trailer going to be shown on internet after being screened at the the festival?

  7. Francesco Manga Says:

    I saw this first Teaser Trailer!
    Really, really cool 😀

    Share it on-line!

  8. augustido Says:

    I can’t wait anymore to see something…

  9. So when can we here in America see this amazing trailer?

  10. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Bits from the trailer can be seen here:
    Waiting for the real deal…

  11. if you guys need a !st look at footage like i do you can check out this news reel

  12. They keep saying that the film is going to premiere in Italy this fall..

  13. 1 day with a sort of “news”…
    30 days of silence…

    :-/ Mmmh

  14. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Ok, now that the leaked trailer is all over the place, don’t you think it’s time to release the “official” version?

  15. kingsean92 Says:

    Just seen the trailer on movie web. it’s ABSOLUTELY GREAT

  16. clarinetto Says:

    I saw the trailer and I like it

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