Yep, in case you didn’t hear it, we have indeed received our rating from the MPAA.  Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is now rated PG-13.  We argued quite strongly with the MPAA, as it had initially been given an R rating, but without changing a frame of the actual film were able to convince them that it should be PG-13.  As I said earlier on this blog, we didn’t want to compromise a frame of what we wanted to do with the movie, and Kevin wasn’t asked to edit to any particular rating, but the fact that we got to a PG-13 without having to compromise anything is pretty exciting to me.  More news soon…



13 Responses to “Rating”

  1. Francesco Manga Says:


  2. Xabaras Says:

    This means a lot for the overall success of the film.

  3. Sounds good. Man, I’m so dying to at least see a trailer. 😦

  4. I dont care if as R rated or Pg-13,i wanna see good movies after all!

  5. Dan.
    Will the cast of Dylan Dog or a trailer be at Comic Con? Do we have an official confirmation yet?

    Seems like a wasted opportunity (the BIGGEST COMIC event of the year) if they don’t PROMOTE the movie there. I’m sure your fellow followers will agree, we should be there.

  6. No news for a while? Any word on distributor, trailer, update to web site, Comic Con? We could use some word about now.

  7. AntoBlueberry Says:

    There’s nothing related to the Dylan Dog movie at the Comic-Con according to the program. Too bad.

  8. On the italian site comicus there’s a new interview with Gilbert Adler about Dead of Night:


  9. Im tired of waiting this film 😡

  10. Jason B. Says:

    3 months before the movie release…
    And where are Teaser Trailer, or new photos?
    About your absence at S. Diego Comic-con, NO COMMENT.

    Normal people think that this film is dead.

    Bad, bad markenting…

  11. Is this movie really Dead ??

    Mah! :/

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