Review anyone?

Someone saw the latest test screening and has posted a review over at our Facebook page.  This is NOT a professional blogger that we invited, just a Dylan fan who happened to see the film and wanted to share his thoughts.!/notes/dylan-dog-dead-of-night-film/i-saw-dylan-dog-dead-of-night-review-eng/400436906794




5 Responses to “Review anyone?”

  1. Adrew Foster Says:

    this movie will be really great!!

  2. Dan Braverman Says:

    It feels great to start off what is sure to be a long and interesting ride with a rave review. Thanks!

  3. Well,i believe in the best review its the you made.I prefer dont read nothing before to seen the film,but i see teh reaction for the people around.Bur sometimes curiositymandes me go foward and i glad the fan/reporter have liked of the movie.

  4. El Gabacho Más Chingón Says:

    Digging the good vibes. I get the feeling that this flick will make it to Finland via the festival route, mainly the Rakkauden ja Anarkia Festari (Love and Anarchy Festival).
    Hey, come to think of it, maybe I should share this positive review on their Facebook page.

  5. Hellooooo, Dead of Night. People are so hungry for news of this film that Google has gone wild with all the bloggers reporting the MPAA PG-13 rating news today. Hardly enough for even a snack, esp since that rating was already hinted at weeks ago.

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