Not sure who actually invented the internet, but I’m pretty sure whoever did (and I’m talking to you, Al Gore) also invented the game of “Telephone”.  For those raised in a generation of video games and other things that my much less cool, but more inventive (by necessity) generation did not have, let me explain.  Telephone was a game where you took a piece of information, whisper it to a friend who whispers it to a friend who whispers it to a friend, etc. until you announce the final version that the last person receives.  Not the most exciting of games, but we didn’t even have Pong back then, so we did what we could.  🙂

Let me give you an example, and perhaps you’ll see how it’s valid.  One really nice blogger finds a screening of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night online, drives many, many miles to see it, and then blogs her review of it online.  Put this information in the hyper-speed game of Telephone that is the internet for 9 months or so and it becomes “Platinum and Moviemax are doing special screenings for bloggers to make their movie look better.”

Really, we’re not.  It’s not a bad idea.  Maybe sometime in the future we may try that out on another movie, but we’re not doing that here. Let me say it as clearly as possible: we have not invited a single blogger to a screening of this film.  Nor has Moviemax (they have not even been given the film yet).

And to Vanna, I really hope that your fantastic piece that you worked very hard to get out there has not somehow been diminished by it being morphed into some conspiracy.  You were being a good reporter and got in where you weren’t supposed to (you sneaky bugger, you) and wrote a great article because of it that I hope a lot of people enjoy.



8 Responses to “Yeesh…”

  1. Francesco Manga Says:

    I read Vanna article, last year.
    It ‘s a great piece and convinced me even more about product quality.

    Unfortunately, the Press (HERE in Italy… and elsewhere) works often grossly.
    It has not even noticed that the review was dated 2009.

  2. Dan Braverman Says:

    Can we entangle my other horror comedy “Dead of Knight” in this conspiracy somehow, and get us some free publicity? Any takers?

  3. Xabaras Says:

    Hey we played Telephone in kindergarten! 😉

  4. Thanks Dan. I guess I was a somewhat sneaky bugger.

    I think I will look on the bright side of this whole thing.
    DD:DoN has gotten a lot of free publicity thanks to certain reports made by people who failed at Reporting 101 and the boatload of me-twos repeating and then hopefully correcting said reports.

    As stated by wiki
    Today, the often used cynical phrase “no such thing as bad publicity” is indicative of the extent to which “success by scandal” is a part of modern culture. …

    So, I smell success.

    And no Big Al, I’m not smelling fish I cooked for dinner last night. 😛 I just had to beat you to that punchline.

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by DCU Movie Page, DCU Movie Page. DCU Movie Page said: Nw Dylan Dog:Dead ofNightblog post:Yeesh… […]

  6. I wonder if next time, we just invite an Italian blogger to a screening too. At least the free publicity from this captures peoples attention about the film.
    Now about that trailer….

  7. Dan Braverman Says:

    Big Al wonders if dis Vanna character is tryin’ to send him a Sicilian message. He would hasten to whaddayacall admonish dis gumma dat it is far preferable to smell da fishes den to sleep wit’ dem. Capice?

  8. Looks like there was a very recent early screening of the film in LA. A review was just posted on the DD:DoN Film Facebook page. Please tell us there is a US distributor.

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