Great new article

Hey, everyone.  If you haven’t yet, please check out the Dylan Dog: Dead of Night fan page over on Facebook.  The Admins there are great and there are plenty of other fans to interact with.  PLUS, there’s great articles, like this:




4 Responses to “Great new article”

  1. Yes that is a great Facebook page they have been posting a lot of great stuff there.

  2. clarinetto Says:

    Letta, Kevin si è fatto una certa cultura Dylan-Doghiana, ha dimostrato di saperne molto in merito. Non posso che sentirmi rassicurato.

  3. Francesco Manga Says:

    The people who work on this movie are greats: they put true love in this project.
    I’m a big fan of DyD, and a work like this (in my opinion), is a little miracle.

  4. Det. Bullock Says:

    Perhaps it would be better to use “Jumping Judas” as a translation because the author of the comics used “Giuda ballerino” (“Dancing Judas”) because he wanted to use something like “Jumping Josaphat” (an oath often used by one of his english friends) but “Giosafatte saltante” doesn’t sound too good in Italian. 🙂
    I think “jumping Judas” would be a good compromise between a literal translation and a radical adaptation.

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