Title Announcement

Not sure how I’m going to change this blog title around, but wanted everyone to know that the film’s title has now been officially changed to: (Drum-roll, please!)

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

For both domestic and international distribution.  Some very important people had to give their blessing to make this possible, so a big thank you to everyone who did.  Next up: more Ask The Boss!



13 Responses to “Title Announcement”

  1. I think I have mixed feelings about this? While it’s nice to see the ‘right name’ in the title, it may also scare off people unfamiliar with he character, especially since it’s a bit of a silly name out of context.

    Any thoughts?

  2. But you missed the point…”Some very important people had to give their blessing to make this possible”. Besides Kevin and the uppers at Platinum, does this mean there is a distributor chosen who will rename the film?

    I always thought the “Dead of Night” title should have had “Dylan Dog” in it all along. Maybe we could change it again. Call it Dylan Dog and the zombies mystical goblet. LOL

  3. Vgerland Says:

    No no Emily. it says to me the PTB are happy with what they have and that the people behind Dylan Dog are also pleased with the film. Most happy, it says to me that there will be Dylan Dog: The Next Chapter whatever that might be.

  4. Well,in right level,im expected if this happen.Now i wanna seen a trailer!

  5. Dan Braverman Says:

    Big Al approves.

  6. I also approve. I liked the Dead of Night title, but I always wanted the Dylan Dog name included in it. It reminds me of the Indiana Jones films.

    To avoid potential confusions, the marketing team just need to promote the movie and its content very, very well, so that people around the world realize that it’s about this cool paranormal investigator guy. 😀

  7. WOW! Great!

  8. clarinetto Says:

    well done! I think this title is better…

  9. AntoBlueberry Says:

    They changed the title probably because someone saw the franchise in the movie. How would you call the next one: “Dead of Night II: now with more living dead”?
    Or “Dylan Dog: waking from nightmares”? I think the latter sounds a bit better. So you need to establish the franchise name from the first chapter.

  10. Xabaras Says:

    It’s better this way because it is like a title of a DYD fumetti… And I can picture the opening sequence: the DYLAN DOG logo that is on top of every issue, and then the DEAD OF NIGHT logo. Besides it clears up the inevitable mix up with the 1945 British film DEAD OF NIGHT.

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  13. Dan Braverman Says:


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