It’s director participation time!

Have questions you want to ask Kevin Munroe, the captain of this little ship of ours?  Now you’ll get a chance to ask them in an ongoing guest column here called “Ask The Boss”.  Submit your questions in the comments section here, and I’ll round them up and nail him down and periodically (depending on how many we get) I’ll nail him to a computer and make him answer them.  (No nails will be harmed in that process.  Can’t promise anything on the director, though.)  So line them up!  Want to know all the seedy tales from the set of DON?  Want to just know what color socks he wears?  No holds barred!  Well, maybe some.  Fire away, though!



20 Responses to “It’s director participation time!”

  1. RouthFan1 Says:

    1. There are a few cities in the US that have a strong reputation for “haunted” or have somewhat of an otherworldly feeling in the air such as Savannah Georgia, Salem Massechusetts, and Charleston South Carolina to name a few. Why New Orleans?

    2. What were some problems with filming in New Orleans that popped up that you anticipate?

    3. Did the screen chemistry between Sam and Brandon in “Superman Returns” have anything to do with your choice of casting the two actors in their respective roles?

  2. Are there any plans in the works for the DVD extras? This may be putting the cart before the horse but I really hope you are going to give us a some great DVD extras including a commentary with perhaps a few of the stars joining. Can you give us any idea what we can expect?

    I’m sure you’re tired of this question but is there any news on a US release date? We fans here in the old US of A are dying to know.


  3. Vgerland Says:

    I understand there is going to be a Dylan Dog graphic novel of some kind to bridge and tie the character into the movie storyline. Any idea when we can expect to see that, both in Italian and English?

  4. Have you discussed plans yet to do a movie sequel. Would you consider doing a weekly animated or a TV series if the opportunity arose.

    Will we see merchandising overseas and in the states here shortly, perhaps the likes of a pizza company, since Dylan loves Cheese pizza, shirts, action figures, cups etc with any sponsor or are you being specific to the character, therefore choosing your sponsors according to the character.


  5. Hi. I saw that the Italian release is due for Haloween. Does this goes for all Europe or just Italia as the it’s the home of DD? Which means that in France where I live can I expect a theatrical release before after or never? Thx

  6. christian Says:

    I’ve been curious to know this from a long time, is the film a sequel to the comic series or is it just a re-invention? Will there be any reference made to his adventures in London?

  7. Stargazer Says:

    1. What convinced you to take on this project?

    2. If you could compare this fim’s film/style with another, Which it would be?

    3. Do you think this film will have a broad appeal?

    4. I think Brandon and Sam have good chemistry together, can’t wait to see their interactions. And I’m also really looking forward to Brandon and Anita’s interactions. I hope there is great chemistry there as well. So, please tell me, What made you cast Anita Briem as Elizabeth?

    5. I love movie scores and I’m also very happy that Klaus Badelt is working on the score for this movie! Can you talk a little bit about it?

    6. I assume you must have read some of the Dylan Dog comics as a source for information and inspiration for the movie, What interested you the most about them, and What was the most challenging about them in order to translate it to film?

    7. I know someone already asked about it, but Do you already have idead for sequels?

    thanks for reading

  8. Luca Zanzi Says:

    1) How did you get involved in the project? An ad “seeking film director to tackle Italian comic adaptation with vampires, zombies, and werewolves”?

    2) The IMDB page lists a good dozen or so producers, exec prods, co-prods. Did you get pressure from everyone to make “their” idea of the film, or were you given free rein? Similarly, did you ever get a list of do’s and don’ts from the people at Bonelli?

    3) How many Kevins can Kurt Angle bench press?

    4) On a scale of 1-10 (low-hi), how tempting is it to use your powers as a director and use Brian Steele or another “suit guy” for late-night pranks?

  9. What is the balance between horror, humor, etc. in the film?

    I’m not incredibly well-versed in the comics, but pop culture (well, mostly movies) references have a definite presence. Is there any of that in the film?

  10. 1. What is your favorite episode in the Dylan Dog comic book series?

    2. Will we see any sign of Xabaras in the film?

    3. What is your favorite horror film?

    4. What are the differences in the marketing of Dylan Dog for the U.S. and European markets? Please be as detailed as possible…

    5. Would you do Neil Gaiman’s Sandman if given a chance? Why?

  11. what’s your favourite episode from the comic book serie?

  12. Claudio Martino Says:

    The trailer is ready? When we see him?

  13. 1-Maybe this question is old,but,DD still English in film?

    2-Vampires.werewolfs and zombies we have seen a lot overthere,who diferent/unique will be this monsters in Dead of Night?

  14. Cool Monty Says:

    1. Without jinxing the movie, let’s imagine the this film is successful and a sequel is ordered, and you decide to incorporate Dylan’s primary antagonist and father, Dr. Xabaras. Knowing his character from the research you’ve done on DD, who would be your dream casting for the role?

  15. My questions:

    – How did you familiarize with the world of Dylan Dog, and when did you first heard about this fummeti?

    – How many issues have you read, and what is your favorite?

    – Have you met Tiziano Sclavi, did he gave you any advice, and did he see the script?

    Maybe I’ll think of more! And thanks to Kevin for bringing Dylan Dog to the movie screen!

  16. Will we see a trailer online first or do you expect to show it at the theaters first as the feature upcoming promo?

    Do you plan to be at Comic Con in July, having a booth or showing the movie clip, maybe even having cast there again?

    When will the new website be open?


  17. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Alright, the questions are now in Kevin’s hands, so submissions for this wave are officially closed! Look for another opportunity soon!

  18. Congratulations for the initiative!


  19. Hi.beatiful initiatiative ok.please look de movie .DELLAMORTE DELLAMORE aka cimitery man, michele soavi regista….not is dylan dog,is diverse ,me like movie dellamorte dellamore is horror romantic very good…..bye
    please dylan dog with italian comics ok?bye thanks

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