Italian release date

In case some of you don’t see it in AntoBlueberry’s comment, the Italian release date has been officially announced.

And for those of us not fluent in Italian:

Thanks, Anto!  (And Ron for the translation link.)



7 Responses to “Italian release date”

  1. augustido Says:

    And a Trailer??? Or also a little, but little Teaser???

  2. YES! Wait now for worldwide launch!

  3. Stargazer Says:

    Great news. So they still don’t know exactly what day it will be released?

  4. Ps:No Fox Film for American e International release.Remember what he done for Dellamorte Dellamore…

  5. Xabaras Says:

    Halloween release date is just IDEAL!

  6. clarinetto Says:

    ok, now i’m happy.

  7. […] har jag läst en massa rykten om att serien ska filmas, men nu har tom ett officiellt premiärdatum tillkännagivits, så jag vågar falktiskt tro på att det kommer att ske. Jag har dessutom ganska höga […]

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