I started off typing this post with the words “I’m sorry…” but decided to delete those words.  I’m really not.  I haven’t been posting recently and I’m not really sorry for the reason why.  You see, I just kind of got burnt out.  For every comment you see here that is good, bad or indifferent, there are easily five that I don’t approve that are childish, mean, or downright offensive.  The last one that really got me was from a Dylan Dog fan that threatened to come to my home and beat up my wife to “show me how it felt when your favorite person in the world gets abused.”  Apparently, in their eyes, that’s what we’re doing to Dylan Dog.  To be honest, that kind of creeped me out.  This isn’t my job, to post here.  In fact, it actively takes me away from my job, which is to get movies like this set up and on their way to becoming movies.  What I do here is something I do to honor you fans.  To shine some light on how things are going with something you all.  I’ve tried to add a little bit of personality and humor to it all and keep this blog a fun place, too.  I’ve had fun getting to know a lot of the regular readers here and I think we’ve had some good debates.  That last comment kind of took the fun out of it, though.  Maybe I’m being too sensitive and maybe if I am, the blogosphere isn’t really the place for me.  I’ve certainly seen that kind of behavior before on other sites, so it’s not that uncommon.

Moving forward, I’ll be posting news as I get it, but not much else.

The producers saw the film and loved it.  Had a few small changes, but nothing major.  We’re now doing color correction and sound mixing.

We have secured an Italian distributor, but it will be up to them to announce the release date for the film.  Domestic should be coming very soon and you won’t see a trailer until we have secured domestic.



27 Responses to “Update”

  1. Stargazer Says:

    ” That last comment kind of took the fun out of it, though. Maybe I’m being too sensitive and maybe if I am, the blogosphere isn’t really the place for me. I’ve certainly seen that kind of behavior before on other sites, so it’s not that uncommon.”

    Aww 😦 I know EXACTLY what you mean, people can be so abusive and vicious and fanatical on the internet. So sorry to hear about this, but you have to know that this is a very common thing, sadly. I see it EVERY single day on message boards. So Please, don’t take it personal and try to ignore it. You’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve been so gracious and nice to us Dylan/Brandon fans, I really appreciate all your hard work with the site, as well as your perseverance and patience. And I also appreciate your sense of humor and your enthusiasm for this project. I really do. 🙂 THANKS.

    I’m still waiting anxiously for this movie to come out. By the sounds of things, looks like it will be a great film. I CAN’T wait!

  2. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    that’s sad…
    it’s only a movie…
    I’m with you friend!!

    ciao ciao! =)

  3. Stargazer Says:

    Oh, and thank you for the update. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

  4. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I feel sorry about that. No more comments about zombie horse heads in your bed from me. But you should be prepared to harsher stuff from people like those on the AICN boards.
    Are you going to tell us who the Italian distributor is or do you want me to start bothering all of them until I find out?
    I suppose we’ll be waiting for some more weeks before we see the trailer.

  5. man, I’m so sorry some shameless sicko wrote that. Don’t let them ruin your day.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Vgerland Says:

    I am so sorry to hear someone would ever post a comment such as that. They should be ashamed to have even thought it much less actually posted it. Please know that that person does not speak for the rest of us. We appreciate everything that you have been doing to provide us with bits of news.

    I certainly hope that my silly posts did not offend you but rather made you smirk.


  7. Vgerland Says:

    I just wanted to add in case those posting here had not heard. Bluetights is closing down as of the end of April. BR.com is part of that site and will be history along with it.

    That site was a great source of free word of mouth for this movie that is about to be silenced. No word yet on if a new BR.com site will take its place. I have considered starting one myself for months, perhaps it is time to do more than just consider.


  8. clarinetto Says:

    We know that you worked really hard to make this movie better you can, there are a lot of people who don’t realize how difficult is make an indipendent movie. Thank for the new post, i hope there will be another soon.

  9. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your support. I assure you no one who has posted comments to this update has been anything but great. I hope I’ve been open to constructive, sometimes even negative, criticism. I’m not afraid of debate or even explaining why certain choices had to be made.

    It’s up to them to announce a that they’ll be distributing it. It’s in someone else’s world now.


  10. This guy what made this to you is not a DD fan,and dont understand a few simple words called “respect” and “education”.Its so shame to a comicbook fan see this happening…Sometimes,we remember what kind of jerks the internet can hide…

    But new i stop to talking about that and desire a good luck for you all.Really excited with the film!Hope for a worldwide dsiributor!

  11. Hey! Too bad there are stupid people who need to disrespect and offend!
    Well, you mentioned you made contact with fans who commented here, so I hope you’ll answer me 🙂
    I’m a huge Dylan Dog fan and I started reading the fumetti really early and I have some big respect for what they represent. That said, I can’t translate into words how perfect I think the concept of the movie is, from what I’ve seen so far. It really exceeded my expectations.
    I don’t know if you can tell me (better saying: us, the fans) if there is any chance the movie will be distributed to the USA and maybe come to Brazil and how long is the total duration of the final cut – these are infos. I’d like to know, but totally understand that you probably don’t know yet or can’t tell.
    Congratulations once again, you and your whole team did an amazing job and I really can’t wait to watch the movie and purchase the DVD.

  12. Very sad that people act this way and don’t show respect to others. Even though it is a beloved character, there is no excuse for those kinds of comments. What would Dylan say that? I don’t think he would approve. Please try not to take it personal Dan. You have worked harder than others to give us updates, even though it is not your job, and we all appreciate it and you, more than you know.

    Nice to hear about the Italian Distributor. We will be watching and waiting for their release date and word of a US/Worldwide Dist and soon a trailer.

    Keep up the good work Dan. Take care.

  13. I’m an italian fan of Dylan Dog.
    The Italian population is composed of a large proportion of stressed people.
    I’m sorry you had to do with one of those.

    Complimenti per la passione che metti nel tuo lavoro, fratello!
    (congratulations for the passion that inspires your work, brotha! – Desmond “Lost” mode)


  14. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    Hi everybody!!
    for italian fans here!!!
    an italian site (www.badtaste.it) report that DyD movie have an italian distributor!!!
    for confirmation and a date, we shold wait next 7 april, when Moviemax will show his releases for next months.

    link here: http://www.badtaste.it/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12384&Itemid=30


  15. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented, but I’m very, very sorry to hear about the those awful comments you’ve received.

  16. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Happy to respond, Vitor. We certainly hope to have it released in Brazil. We’re working on that right now. Now that we have a movie people can see, all the other territories should fall in pretty quickly. The running time right now is 101 minutes, not including credits. And thanks for your faith in us. Actually, the outpouring of support after this post has been really amazing from everyone. Much more than I had expected. And to show my appreciation, I’ve got a special treat for everyone tomorrow. (and, no, unfortunately it’s not the trailer)

  17. Vgerland Says:

    Oh good I love treats. I will be here bright and early waiting to see just what it is. I love your kind of treats because they don’t get added to my hips. 😉


  18. Jesus, I wasn’t around a couple of days, and look what I find. What a post. Scary. I guess the real nature of some people comes out when they hide behind an alias. The stuff for a DYD comic…

  19. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I can neither deny or affirm who will be our distributor in Italy, unfortunately. It is up to whatever company we have chosen to reveal that themselves.

  20. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    It’s Ok Dan! 🙂
    I’ve only report what I’ve found on an italian site!
    but I understand you..maybe it’s only a rumor!
    and here, maybe it’s better to see official news! 😉

    ciao ciao!

  21. Man people in the world…

    I just don’t why they act like that

  22. the mother of the idiots it’s always pregnant, don’t spend any time with people who live their life hide behind a screen.

    Don’ give them any importance, I’m sorry for you man, it’s only a movie I hope that you will win an academy award.

  23. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Dan. someone is already giving votes to the movie on IMDB. And they’re not good votes.

  24. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Not really worried about that, Anto. When people have actually seen the movie, I’m sure that will change. Up until then, it’s just angry fans.

  25. Stargazer Says:

    ^And there is always angry fans in every fandom. Believe me. It’s just the way it is.

  26. jonnie chitara Says:

    you’ve deleted all my posts ‘cuase i got the same alias of another one, it’s very sad, you must put a check for the alias, but it’s more simple to delete everything and now my posts are under control, don’t worry men i’don’t leave any other message.

    are you happy now???

  27. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I haven’t deleted any posts by you, Jonnie. I just changed your alias to Xabaras2.

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