Another quick one…

Producers are flying in from Australia to see the film today.  Also saw the first cut of the trailer and it makes me want to see this movie so badly!  Oh, wait, I already have.  🙂

(Yes, I know I’m a big fat tease.  🙂 )

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/BFT (see above)


27 Responses to “Another quick one…”

  1. Stargazer Says:

    Great, I’m So ready for this movie, need to watch it now! 😀 Love the character and I’m confident Brandon will do him justice. Need to see the trailer so badly! Please hurry up.

  2. Vgerland Says:

    Yes, you are becoming very good at teasing us. 😛 Did I ever tell you that I am a big time producer from ..ah…Vgerland? 😦 Don’t believe me huh? Well if there is a first cut trailer finally then surely we will get to see one very soon. I hope so because it was a long time since I saw that first test screening and I am way past ready to see some finished product! Besides, Brandon Routh has been making a lot of news lately due to his stint on Chuck. Good time to take advantage of all the hoopla he is making don’t ya think?

    Big time Producer-Owner/Benevolent Dictator of the Kingdom of Vgerland

  3. Thats awesome news. It should go well. I bet they will be so impressed. I would love to see their expressions. Can you tell us later how it went?

  4. Oh yeah! Trailer is coming soon anyway! Very good!

  5. Hi guys! That’s great news. Lorca here; checking in. Is DON premiering in Italy soon? At any rate, I’m trying to get in touch with the films publicist. Can any of you point me in the right direction? Thanks for everything guys & best of luck in the films related endeavors.


  6. So????? How did it go????
    Dan, can we get a “at least it went really well” or other comment out of you. Were (Im) hoping it went well.

  7. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Dan, I know where you live. If you don’t show us the trailer soon you might find a zombie-vampire-horse head in your bed soon.

  8. clarinetto Says:


  9. Dan,
    Can you tell us how it went?

  10. Vgerland Says:

    LOL AntoBlueberry, that was really funny. Do you know where their office is located? We could all team up and stampead said offices together. 😉

  11. Dan Braverman Says:

    Big Al here. The word on the street is that the reason this is dragging out so long is that the producers insisted on colorizing all the zombies blue, superimposing Sam Worthington’s face onto Sam Huntington, and renaming the movie “Dead of Navi” in order to capitalize on the popularity of “Avatar.”

  12. Speaking of Avatar, will we see a 3D version as well. I hope this is NOT one of the only films to NOT be done in 3D. Alice was not done in 3D originally, but added later. Dead of night could be too.

  13. Vgerland Says:

    Big Al LOL, now you are REALLY cracking me up. Let’s hope that is not the case besides I think purple will be the new “blue.”

    On another note I can’t help but wonder if the Twilight fans will try to claim that zombies were invented by Myerson just after she invented werewolves.

    Blogger Dan, I bet you didn’t expect all the stand-up comedy but that is what you get when you leave us to entertain ourselves.

    We keep hoping a holiday treat will be forthcoming. Maybe an Easter Egg is in the offering. When is Easter this year anyway…Oh, April Third. Hmmmm maybe a nice trailer before then. Or at least by April 2nd.


  14. Stargazer Says:

    3D is overrated.

    Just give me a good movie with an engaging and exciting story that honors the source material, interesting characters, good acting, solid SFX, and a great score and I’ll be happpy. 😀

  15. Vgerland Says:

    No, just say no to 3D. Not everything has to be done in 3D. If they go for 3D we might not get the film until 2012 and then… well you guys all know what happens in 2012! We all die and then we won’t ever get to see the movie unless they realease it early in 2012. Hmmm, they could rename the film “Dead all Dead and have the Hellmouth open up at the end.”

    Sorry, like I said, I am having to entertain myself.

  16. Disney releases the first trailer to Tron, due out in Dec 2010. Dead of Night film, due out in Nov 2010, trailer ????. Goes to show you its never too early.
    Waiting on the trailer. Soon???

  17. Dan Braverman Says:

    Big Al again. Keep this to yourselves, but my sources tell me the producers have changed their minds. DoN is no longer to be retitled “Dead of Na’vi.” After careful consideration of the record-setting upset victory of “The Hurt Locker” at this year’s Oscars, our learned producers have opted for the edgy, inde-movie cache of Kathryn Bigelow’s film over her ex’s over-the-top tech-fest. Our movie will NOT be trendy 3-D, but rather gritty 1.5-D. Even now, they are re-editing our footage to highlight the more disturbing, gross-out side of Dylan Dog’s adventure. DoN is now to be re-named “The Hurl Locker.”

  18. Oh I knew there had to be a good punch line coming. I loved it. Much better than ‘The Twilight Saga: Eatlips’ going after the young crowd.

  19. Okay, now the boredom is getting to everybody. This is getting freaky.
    This is what we get when no timely updates. Were overdue Dan.

  20. augustido Says:

    Where’s the TRAILER?????????

  21. Dan Braverman Says:

    “Eatlips,” genius though it is, has been passed dismissed by the producers as TOO trendy. They have decided to re-imagine DoN as a musical. They have brought Andrew Lloyd Weber on board. Get ready for “Les Monsterables”!

  22. Any news,if possible,please?

  23. Dan Braverman Says:

    The silence is deafening, isn’t it! All these promises and no news yet! Let’s hope Dan is not “The Boy Who Cried Werewolf”! Can I get a “Hooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwoooooohhhhhhh!” my monster brothers and sisters?

  24. Vgerland Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been sick for most of the week and still nothing new. I think maybe we scared Dan (Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/BFT) off.

    But I will give you Dan, my brother monster a big “Hooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwoooooohhhhhhh.” I have to say it is starting worry me that they haven’t announced an actual date or US distributor yet.

    Please…give us a bone to chew on. I just tweeted that lovely pic of Brandon Routh and Anita Briem as my very 1st Routh Pic of the day.


  25. Dan Braverman Says:

    Big Al here. Speaking of a bone to chew on, my informants tell me our illustrious producers have again changed their minds. The reason we are still waiting for a trailer is that they have decided to DO THE RIGHT THING and put their not inconsiderable clout behind a fund-raising project for the forgotten victims of the Haiti Earthquake; yes, I am talking about the thousands of Hatian Zombies (to be politically correct, the “breathing-challenged”) wandering the streets, competing with the living for the few bits of moldering organic matter available. DoN will re-imagine the classic “feed-the-world” song with a twist. Please join Brandon, Anita, Taye, Big Al and the gang in belting out “We Are The Werewolf”!

  26. Scared off Dan? I doubt it. He is probably watching us right now, thinking:”how long can I hold out on updating my blog before the people really start to complain and beg”. ”

    I think we reached that point a while ago.

    Come on Dan, can we get some news on the meeting, a trailer, updated pictures, a US or International distributor named, a firmed up commitment date for release. I’m not asking for too much: am I Dan. 🙂


  27. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    my hype for this movie is falling down… ç_ç
    still hope for a SERIOUS update soon…
    Italian DyD fan

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