Almost a twitter-worthy update:

Having some GREAT conversations with Italian distributors, who are chomping at the bit for this film.  Great news on that front coming VERY soon!  Also seeing some of the great VFX shots from Prana!  It’s all coming together!!!


14 Responses to “Almost a twitter-worthy update:”

  1. Can’t wait! *hopes for the best!*

  2. Awesome news. Looking forward to hearing about it. Im sure everyone else is too. Looking forward to the trailer (panting and drooling heavily). 🙂

  3. wow! And here we go!

  4. !!!

  5. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Great news.

  6. Dan; one word comes to mind. Actually three…. BIG. FAT. TEASE.

    And I am a glutton for punishment I suppose.

  7. a copy of the Wizard article is located at (hand written of course)

    (link deleted)

  8. side note: not sure thats all of it though.

  9. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Folks, I’m sorry, but I can’t link to copyrighted material here. I encourage you all to pick up the magazine, though, as it encourages the fine people who make it to give us more coverage of this movie if you do!

  10. andreafrancesco Says:

    who’s distributing the movie in italy? *_* can’t wait!

    andrea – milano

  11. augustido Says:


  12. deadofnightmovie Says:

    We have not yet released any trailers for this film, unfortunately. Soon!

  13. DylanDogFan Says:


    I was wondering if you will justify the change of location of Dylan’s adventures by saying at the beginning of the movie, that Dylan had to leave London and all his friends (Groucho, Bloch…) for some reason. I’m sure it would please all the fans and it will work for old a new fans who don’t know the comic book.

  14. DylanDogFan Says:

    In fact it wouldn’t be difficult. It could just be a very plain quote in a conversation between Dylan and Marcus.
    Marcus – “You never told me, why you left London, Dylan.”
    Dylan – “After what happened, I couldn’t stay there anymore.”

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