Just because I like you…

And because the last photo was pretty similar (although it’s not the same one, there ARE differences if you look close enough), here:

Now will you all love me?  🙂


12 Responses to “Just because I like you…”

  1. Now THATS what were talking about. Awesome picture. We love you dude. Errr man hug “)

  2. Wonder if that is the same dude that donated the sperm in the other picture. Ha ha. Thanks Dan. Have a Very Happy Valentine’s day with your Mrs.

  3. clarinetto Says:


  4. I will love you more when the film comin’ out 😀

  5. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    Italian relase of “Dylan Dog” movie still to be next march….strange that there’s no trailer yet to see! it’s sooo sad.. 😦

  6. I have to say that the attention to detail is amazing; really hoping the rest of the movie is as good, including the score. Can’t wait to watch Brandon in this. Hopefully it will be this year.

  7. Brilliant photo!

    I wonder if Dylan will play The Devil’s Trill in the film? (I guess that’s what the clarinet is for.) Dylan usually plays it in the comics, Sclavi made a slight Arthur Conan Doyle rip-off with that. 🙂

  8. Dan Braverman Says:

    I hope so! It’s beautiful. I’m not sure how well it would fare on a clarinet, though.

  9. ladi ladi laaaaa…..the tension is killing me. ^_^’
    I want to see a trailer so badly!

  10. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Me, too, Emma! 🙂

  11. Me three! 😛 no, really I do.

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