Contrary to popular opinion…

…this movie is most certainly NOT dead.  There’s been a lack of updates lately because it’s been a very slow and labor intensive time tweaking the edits to make sure we have the best movie possible.  I didn’t think anyone would be interested in hearing stuff like, “cut two seconds out of scene 13, reel 4 today”.  I hope it hasn’t given anyone the wrong impression about what’s going on with the film.  We’ve got a really great film on our hands and we’re all very, very proud of it.

In fact, as some of you may have heard through other sources, we have just officially locked picture on the editing of the film which puts us in a whole new phase in the life of this film.  There are still a few shots to polish by the good folks at Prana (our VFX partners on the film), but we should be starting the PR machine in motion while those finishing touches are put in place.

To celebrate that, I have a little present for all of you for being so patient.  This will be the first in a series of photos I’ll be releasing exclusively right here, so check back often.  I’m specifically choosing these for our Italian friends, hoping it will illustrate how much we love the source material, despite changes we may have made to it because of the realities of the film.  Enjoy!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/HYASA (Happy You All Stuck Around)


37 Responses to “Contrary to popular opinion…”

  1. Wow, that is a very cool picture. I love it. It was really fun to roam over the gigantic picture with all the detail and to see everything on the desk and see every little detail that was there. Things that you just can’t see while watching a move. Lots of cool things to see and I loved the picture on the wall and I’m sure the Italian fans will too.

    Thanks that is the coolest treat I have had since Monday. Thanks. 😀 Now I can’t wait till you post another treat. This one is so yummy.


  2. Stargazer Says:

    Awesome! 😀

  3. Glad to hear you are not “killing” this project.

  4. Extremely nice detailed photo. We would not get a chance to see all the details of this in the movie as the scene moves so fast. Nice to hear the PR machine will now start. Looking forward to the next pictures.

  5. RouthFan1 Says:

    Thanks for the update; and the teaser! Keep up the great work on your future endeavours.

  6. Is that a picture of Groucho and Bloch in the picture frame? Need to zoom in to see.

  7. clarinetto Says:

    Excuse my English wrong, I used google translate:
    I want to thank you for the work you are now bringing to an end: I have noticed very many “easter eggs”: The photo of a man dressed as Groucho Marx, the diary of Dylan, the armchair where he sat the customers, the galleon , the bullets for the pistol old, clarinet (which gives its name to my nickname), and many mystical objects that expose them to collect from his adventures in his hallway.

  8. clarinetto Says:

    dimenticavo la tazza di Scotland Yard ed il telefono che appare anche in “dell’amore della morte”…. favoloso…

  9. LAlieno Nello Stabile Says:

    The galleon incomplete, clarinet, the chair, old and strange stuff, … and someone dressed as Groucho and Bloch!

    so happyyyy!! I hope that tis movie will make a lot of money..enough to use a “real Groucho”! 😀

    btw, I’m really really happy! ^^

  10. Luca Zanzi Says:

    I don’t think any of us thought of the movie as being “dead”. We’re just used to larger productions nowadays, with vlog updates every other day and random snippets of info to keep matters hyped. But don’t worry, we’re loyal fans willing to wait!

    Also fun to be the first to write: BLOCH AND GROUCHO IN THE FRAMED PICTURE!!!! *glee*

  11. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Great photo, Dan! Let’s get this ball rolling.

  12. OH wow!! So much care has gone into that set, obviously. It’s a dream for any Dylan Dog fan to see….and so strangely familiar!

    Oh gawd I’m so excited about this film XD XD

  13. Stargazer Says:

    I REALLY hope to see Dylan playing the clarinet! At least a little. It’s so him. 🙂

  14. […] la historia de tres personas que han hecho frente a la muerte. Pasaros también por el blog oficial de Dead of Night, esa adaptación con pinzas del cómic "Dylan Dog" de Tiziano Sclavi, para […]

  15. christian Says:

    I liked the picture, with all it’s ints at the comic. Is there going to be any merchandise to tie in with the film?

  16. Nice.
    However, you could have found a better Groucho lookalike, for the photo.

    I dunno, for example…




    great espectation with this film!

  19. this is bollocks! they are going to ruin this i know,and of course,this comment will never see the light of the day!

  20. […] Źródło: Dead of Night Production Blog […]

  21. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I’m fine with negative criticism, Djordje, but just wish you would reserve judgment until you’ve seen the film. We’ve made something we’re really proud of and that I hope will make all of the fans happy.

  22. Can’t wait for this movie I love supernatural type movies and TV series. Really hope the movie also get’s released on blu-ray and not DVD only supernatural stories and special effects always look good on blu-ray.

  23. Very nice!

  24. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Glad you liked it, Xabaras. I know you’re a big fan, so it’s people just like you I was dying to show something like this to.

  25. I hope the film will be sooner as possible out *___*
    I really love Dylan since I was a little child…I started read dylan from my cousin’s collection 😀
    Dylan is not a simple comic book…but it also open to the the view on life, literature,music, we’re all on attending 😀

  26. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Are you people watching the Human Target tv series?
    Our wanna be Groucho Sam Huntington was in the 4th episode and Dylan’s (Brandon’s really) wife was in the second one.

  27. Ehm… Ok I’ve seen an image of film, but where is the rest? According to IMDB the date when this movie will be out in the italians cinema is March and I haven’t seen something that seems a trailer yet.

  28. christian Says:

    I’ve noticed that dead of night is missing on wikipedia, i can’t edit right now so i advice some one to do it, i think it would make more publicity for the film and get more people interested

  29. Dan,
    Why is it Cowboys and Aliens can get an “official release date” and they have not started production yet (I know there close though) but Dead of Night, which is almost complete, has not given us an Official date yet?
    Can we get another picture or trailer. Pretty please, were starving here for info.

  30. clarinetto Says:

    @ Christian: In italian there is a page for Dead of Night, with the story and extra informations, maybe we need someone who can translate..

  31. i have fixed the problem i had with the editing, i am half english and italian so i can translate it. VADO SUBITO

  32. Just a heads up Dan. If you don’t update soon you will likely feel a need to apologize again for not updating sooner. Perhaps a Valentine treat would be nice and even zero calorie. 😉

    Hope you have a very special Valentine’s Day with your Mrs.


  33. deadofnightmovie Says:

    The most honest answer is that Cowboys and Aliens has Dreamworks, Universal and Spielberg behind it. Dead of Night doesn’t. Those kind of guys can command a release date, stake their claim and most others will find another date. We have to be more careful and plan things a little more precisely for the very best possible date. We’re a much smaller fish than that movie, even though a lot of the same people are involved. (Yours truly, for example.)


  34. Sure thing Dan,and i was merely surprised to see that you actualy posted my “negative criticism”,kudos for you man. But the thing is,and it may come to you as a shocking news,that i’m terrified of the result. DD actually means alot to me and i could not stand to see it ruined because of corporative nonsense and opinions of some financial ass who does not appreciate the artwork itself but only thinking in numbers( and it would’t be the first time that kind of thing happens,you’ll agree). It’s not that i wan’t to see the movie goes down in financial fiasko or something,it’s just that lately almost everything that’s been done in movie industry of this sort,turned out to be load of crap,and DD being the hero of my life oposed to all sorts of spider-bat-super-men (not that i discredit any of these) in the hands of film industry that depends on sales only,may result in little things being compromised and ruined.
    than again,you are apsolutely right,and i’ll just have to see the movie.

    thanks again for posting and answering.

  35. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I’m always happy to engage in debate, Djordje. The only time I don’t allow comments on here are when they are inflammatory or hurtful to the good people who worked very hard to put this together. And I agree, the kind of thing you’re talking about happens. I’ve seen some pretty darn good adaptations, too, though. The Dark Knight, Iron Man, even Watchmen (which I didn’t really like personally but have to say it was a VERY faithful adaptation to the book). All of these movies were hits because they were made by fans of the source material. They all borrow heavily from lots of different stories, as we do in Dead of Night, but stayed true to the essence of the people that appeared on the page. They all took HUGE liberties with the stories but most fans were able to look past that because they were given really compelling characters that stayed true to who the characters in the books, even with those liberties, and really good stories to follow them in.

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