Thanks, everyone!

Thanks to you guys and your passion for this project, people are starting to use phrases like “sleeper hit of 2010“.  (And believe me, the sleeper part is not a bad thing AT ALL.)  Really appreciate everyone jumping on board like you did and thanks to Rick over at MTV Splashpage for being such a good sport about some of your more…uh…passionate posts there.  He’s been great about this movie and I don’t blame him at all for not including it on the list initially, as it HAS fallen out of a lot of people’s view at this point.  I’m working to fix that, I promise!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/PCT (Passionate Crusader, Too)


18 Responses to “Thanks, everyone!”

  1. Can we keep the momentum going? Lets try not to blow this opportunity and do nothing. Maybe some pics, some new “NEWS” articles (to your fabulous editors who blog here) or even the old trailer sample from ComicCon would be nice.

  2. The article is very nice and from reading it I think that perhaps being left off the list actually worked to our favor. By being left off we were able to make a statement in a poll we most likely could not have won anyway since DoN is in fact under the radar for most people.

    A good fan base can make a big big difference. Just look at “Chuck” coming back from the dead in what looks like is going to be their strongest season. Don’t underesitmate the Fans ability to get the Good Word Out.

  3. Stargazer Says:

    “He’s been great about this movie and I don’t blame him at all for not including it on the list initially, as it HAS fallen out of a lot of people’s view at this point. I’m working to fix that, I promise!”

    Well, in my opinion, a good way to help the promotion of this movie is starting with Brandon Routh himself. He needs to get out there more and talk about his upcoming projects to the media.

    And as some of you already know, Brandon is going to be a very important guest star in the upcoming season 3 of NBC’s “CHUCK” (a great spy tv show). The season starts on January 10, 2010 for those interested in checking out more of his work.

    Here are two links for those interested (hope that’s ok with you Dan):

    This is a golden opportunity to promote Dead of Night. 😉 Hope they don’t waste it.

  4. Congrats for the Poll result!Start the film promotion soon,i hope!

    Well,im a brazillian,and i wanna know if ,maybe in the future ,we have the chance to BR fans seen the film in Rio International Film Festival next year?

  5. deadofnightmovie Says:

    That entirely depends on who we eventually choose for our distribution partners in that territory. We essentially have to choose our distribution partner for each country based on what sized advance they offer us and, more importantly for us, what they plan to do with it when they have it. Once you make that choice, they handle everything for that country. We’ve entertained a few offers from Brazil so far, but have yet to choose one in that particular country. Knowing that the fan base is biggest in Europe and Brazil, we’re holding off until we can show them a full picture because we think it will change their minds about how big this movie is going to be. FYI, that’s the kind of choice you make when you are sure you have a really great movie that the fans will love. 🙂


  6. More great press to share. BEHOLD the power of a good dedicated fan base!

  7. Thank you for responding! Another doubt, Dylan still continue with the UK citizens in the movie?

  8. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Dylan is actually operating out of New Orleans at this point in his life in the movie, Diogo. How he gets from London to New Orleans is something we’re going to be covering in the another medium… (He hints ominously.)

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA ok, answered my question, thank you even!

  10. Dan,
    And when is the plan to get this “other medium published” er comic book I assume. Is it already in the works? Publisher? Im assuming it will be out before the movie goes to Italy so everyone has a chance to see why Dylan moves to New Orleans.

  11. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I should have a big announcement soon, answering everything about this.

  12. Yea! I am holding my breath so I hope it won’t be too long. 😛

    Turning blue. Falls off chair and passes out.

    I just hope soon means before next spring. o_0

  13. AntoBlueberry Says:


  14. Most of the people probably don’t know this, but there was an old Dylan Dog computer game (, and, if I’m right, with the game came a 15 – page comic book telling the story of how Dylan got to the place where the game starts. It was a Flashback-style kind of game ( – remember that one?).

    I’m writing this to say that probably the same is the case with the story how Dylan came to New Orleans… I’m betting Paola Barbato will be the writer of that one – and it will be like some of her older stories where Dylan ends up doing other jobs, etc.

    So the film, I guess, will be a atypical Dylan Dog story, but not so much different from some of the episodes from the series.

  15. Really excited for the first promos/trailers/etc.! I keep getting visitor emails asking when they’ll be released 🙂

  16. Hey, show something for the fans in this Xmas!

  17. So there will be a new comic story told in the film? It seems quite likely, considering that in Italy Dylan Dog is a bi-weekly, and new ideas are always appreciated. Already the film based on the novel by Tiziano Sclavi “Dellamorte Dellamore” is mentioned in many stories, including “Black Horror” in which Dylan Dog meets Francesco Dellamorte … I think it would be a fascinating story in which Dylan went to New Orleans … Dylan has been in many places in the world: Venice, Buffalora, Russia, Scotland, …

  18. AntoBlueberry Says:

    So, where’s our Christmas present?

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