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Moving right along…

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We’re still making little tweaks here or there, but we held another screening last night (sorry I couldn’t inform anyone about it!) and the audience really, really loved it.  I continue to be more and more proud of the movie as it’s coming together.  We even had some of the effect shots from our partners at Prana Studios (the effects house we’re using) and they look GREAT!!!

I know this is a frustrating time and everyone is dying to see something new from the film (photos, trailers, anything!) but it’s all about the timing right now.  We don’t want to give too much away this far out or else everyone will get excited about something and then have to wait months to see it.  Too soon and we risk those of you who aren’t already on the edge of your seats forgetting about the movie!  However frustrating it is for you guys, it’s ten times more frustrating for us that no one gets to see all the great work we’ve done!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/FLAEM (Feeling Like An Expectant Mother)