Where are we?

Been getting lots of questions like that so I thought I would pass along what update I can.  Right now we’re in the long, somewhat tedious portion of movie-making known (with an almost universal groan) as POST.  (And I put it that way for dramatic effect, not because I think people don’t know what “post” is.)  What that means from my perspective is that, while Kevin and Paul Hirsch (our editor) lock themselves in a dark room in Burbank and go over every inch of footage of the film again and again and again, every few days myself and Gioy Demarco (our resident Dylan Dog expert) get a new cut of the movie with some scene tightened or some new shot inserted or, sometimes, with an entirely new scene that, two weeks ago, had been eliminated completely now put back in.  I have to say that not since I went to see Star Wars 27 times when I was a wee lad have I seen a movie this many times in such close proximity.  Effects shots are slowly being layered in with wires suddenly disappearing and sometimes also complete body parts disappearing.  (Part of the fun of having zombies in your film!)  In addition, every day Gioy pours through the shots coming in from our partners at Prana Studios who are doing the effects, approving them, providing notes or just generally enjoying watching the magic come together.  It’s exciting, but it’s also slightly tedious, I have to admit.  Makes me long for the days of getting thrown off balconies where you do it and it’s over and you move on to the next gag.  This part is really about fine-tuning and tweaking all the great stuff you have to make it the best it can be.  And Kevin, probably due to his background in animation, is really shining in this part of the process.  Not that he’s becoming a “Lucas” and using technology to shape what is in his head, he’s just incredibly detail oriented and is willing to tweak and tweak and tweak until he has things exactly like he wants them.  It’s actually been amazing to watch.  I know I don’t have the patience for that sort of work.

Anyway, things are progressing nicely and the film just keeps getting better and better.  Looking forward to our next test screening to see how the audience reacts.  (And before you ask, we haven’t scheduled one!  :-))

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/CIP (Chronically Impatient Person)


14 Responses to “Where are we?”

  1. sorry to bother but will you let us know when they do pick the next test screening and if there is anyway we can get into it?

  2. Any news about world distributor and trailer realese?Is noie to see the effort to the edition of the film,wainting for more news soon!

  3. deadofnightmovie Says:

    No bother at all, Tim, but I’m not allowed to reveal that information, unfortunately. For test screening, they pretty much only want people who have no emotional connection to the source material, stars, or any other part of the film in order to get the truest reaction to what the film is, independent of all of that. So just the fact that you’re reading this blog makes you a “non-neutral party” and somebody that comes into the screening with preconceived wants or desires about what the movie will be/should be. Thus, they really don’t want me sending all of you there, as much as I would love to.

  4. slush_puppy Says:

    What’s the scoop on Scream 2009? I seem to remember that there might be something there to whet our appetites.

  5. I only have this small request: make an awesome movie with a great score AND make it at least 2:00 hrs long, please! 🙂

    Dylan Dog deserves a long movie. Well, not too long, just long enough. You know what I mean! lol

  6. Only my two cents,

    It would be perfect if you would be able to transfer the resident evil/silent hill atmosphere blending it with a little of a more down to earth comic relief, namely the magic formula which kept the original character popular for the last twenty years here despite his weird (even for an italian) english name.

  7. Luca Zanzi Says:

    Good luck with Post. I tend to place a lot of attention on the parts of a film that are mostly worked on during this stage, so I understand the amount of work ahead.

    I read you’ve hired Klaus Badelt for the score, and this really excites me. A good score can both save a terrible film, and a lousy score can destroy an otherwise good one for me. I’ve no doubt he’ll do a great job.

  8. I really envy you getting to see all the stages the film goes through. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I especially enjoyed some of your comments here because I knew exactly what you were referring to. 😉

    Any news yet on release date?

  9. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Of course, being in Italy I wasn’t able to see the Scream Awards show. But as the trailer in not online, I suppose it wasn’t aired either. Or was it?
    When are we supposed to get at least a teaser?

  10. Stargazer Says:

    Klaus Badelt sounds like a great choice! I hope it’s true.

  11. AntoBlueberry Says:

    If not the trailer, how about putting up in the official site some behind-the-scene video?

  12. I just saw Anne Rice in an interview recently promoting her new novel “Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim l”. When asked if she thought the Vampire or undead genre was going to wind down or get over used she said no. She actually felt the genre had taken over the “Western” slot and was becoming more and more mainstream and that it would be around for a long time.

    Please don’t let that give you the go ahead to delay this movie any more than it has been already. When first announced, it was to have been released for this Halloween season. Sadly, we still don’t even have a trailer to drool over this Halloween. Won’t the powers that be take pity and give us a trailer as a nice treat?

  13. Hey there, good to hear from you! I’m certain that by this point you have an approximate take on when the teaser and trailer are supposed to be launched. We’re not asking for a specific date here. I think December or January is realistic enough, don’t you? Halloween II went from director announcement to release within 8 months so I expect to see something 4 months after principal photography is done on any film. That said, Halloween II was clearly rushed but what I’m saying is: teasers and trailers shouldn’t take that much time. Cheers in the meantime!

  14. Caligiostro Says:

    I´m a Dylan Dog-fan from Germany & rather excited about the idea of a a “real” Dylan Dog movie (as opposed to the great Dellamorte Dellamore, which is quite a good hint at how a DD movie ahould be…).
    I am however, as many European fans, quite concerned about the fact that it had to be an American studio which makes the actual movie. There are, after all, several “issues” – not only concerning the visual aspect of the movie – which make me less happy with the expectation of an American version of Dylan Dog.
    So I do have several questions, which I hope you might be able to answer in order to prove my fears about a blockbusting, “Constantine”-like Dylan Dog wrong (and make me run to my local cinema, when – and if – the movie is shown there…). Since I didn´t findany other means of contact on the blog I´ll jsut put my questions here and hope for answers…
    1) Why does the movie´s plot have to be situated in New Orleans? Is it so expensive to go to the UK to shoot a picture? You could have also gone somewhere in East Europe, to give it a European feel, or meaybe shoot the movie somewhere in New England or Canada and, well, “pretend” it´s London…I know, sounds a bit daft, but what I mean is: why does it have to be set in the US?
    2) In which way do you plan to include the absurd, surrealist and anti-bourgoise elements of the Dylan Dog comics into the movie? Or is it going to be a good ol´asskickin´American tale of the good guys vs. the bad guys? I hope you do know that Tiziano Sclavi, Dylan´s creator is, as Americans like to put it, a “red dupe”, who even does publicly support Italian “Commies”… Or will the “American” Dylan Dog be a defender of the “American Way”, turning from a slightly subversive “commie-infested” creation to a true “objectivist” right-wing U.S character who fights “evil” in favour of “freedom” ( many Americans are, for some reason, hysterically afraid of everything that seems “left-wing” or “Marxist”…).
    3) Why didn´t you cast Everett for the part of Dylan? Is he to expensive? Well, I sure hope Roth does a good job. Of course it´s not like Dylan HAS to be played by Everett – a good actor surely can make the audience forget that he´s not exactly looking like the character he´s playing, but I still think that Everett would have been perfect.

    Well, that was all folks, hope you don´t feel offended by my slightly critical view of American “values”, but for me the main problem of an American version of DD is that U.S. comics and European Comics – especially italian fumetti – have a different socio-political background.
    Over here, in Europe we still have a half-way functioning left, which many artists (slso comic book artists) feel part of and I´m not sure if this somewhat “leftist”, subversive, attitude you can find in many European comics (including DD) can be translated for the American viewership, which is bound to consist mostly of people who actually believe that Ayn Rand was a real philosopher.
    Well, hope you can prove my fears concerning the matter wrong.
    I´ll definatly check out the movie if I can get holdl of it!

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