Sorry for the gap in news, folks.  I’ve been out of the country on vacation.  Well, truth be told, picking up my wife who is finally immigrating here from London.  Will be back at it very soon, though.  Thanks for your patience.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/HMM (Happily Married Man)


33 Responses to “Apology”

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re back, Dan. 🙂 And congrats about your wife! 😀

    So, yeah, bring “Dead of Night” on! Still So looking forward to this film. I have the feeling that it’s going to rock!

  2. No apology necessary and like Star said, congrats on finally getting your wife here.

    We fans just wanted you at DoN to know we were still here lurking around. 😉

  3. I’m happy to see Brandon Routh in Dead of Night, whether i can’t see Superman Film in 2009. I Hope Brandon can do great in that movies. I know he can do action do worry..This can cure Superman returns Fans, Bravo Brandon

  4. Just make sure when you come back you post some real promo materials! 🙂

  5. Congrats on bringing your wife back to US from London. Its hard to be away from loved ones so long.

    Off topic; whats up with this;
    Brian twittered:
    Going to catch the latest iteration of Dead of Night tonight with Platinum’s partners from Omnilab. Looking forward to it – getting closer.

    Hope to at least see the first version soon, but nice to know there prepping new versions and its coming soon. Hope you put up all 3 on the website or are these versions for the movie trailers in theatures that we cant see unless we see some film?

  6. deadofnightmovie Says:

    He’s actually talking about the latest cut of the movie, Jimmy, and we’re all dying to see that. Being kept very much under wraps. Even I haven’t seen this one yet. This is the slow part of any film, with the director and producers getting it just right before showing it to the first test audiences. Which MAY be coming sooner than you think. Hint, hint.

  7. Did I hear the term ‘test audiences’? I would gladly be a test audience member. 😀 Why I was born to be a test audience member. My middle name is ‘Test’. I can keep my mouth shut too when and if necessary, 😉 or if you prefer yell to the world just how great it is. (which, I am sure it is) Not only that, I live in SoCa. Plus there is another added benefit; I could give you a review from the Brandon Rough and Dylan Dog fan’s point of view.

  8. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Butt-Numb-A-Thon 2009?

  9. Eaaakkkkk! I just noticed I spelled Brandon’s last name wrong. I meant Brandon Routh. I claim that excitment of moment caused me to hit the wrong key. :O It was either that or it was just too dark for me to see what I was typing. Forty lashes for me, I’ll go stand in the corner now.

  10. Well, I’m currently re-reading my Dylan Dog Case Files book. It helps somehow…

  11. Congrats on the wife man! Life’s always better when they’re in the same country.

  12. Congrats on your wife! And like everyone saying no need for an apology do you think we will see a trailer of some kind soon cause i’m dying for one and i saw the footage they showed at comic con i cant imaging whats its like for other people

  13. @Tim:” i saw the footage they showed at comic con i cant imaging whats its like for other people”

    Oh, if you saw the footage at Comic Con, PLEASE tell us how it was! Just tell us something to us poor souls who couldn’t make it to Comic Con this year. 😀

  14. No need for apology Dan. Glad to see you super happy with the new wife. When your ready, we look forward to some footage. (hopefully sooner). 🙂

  15. the footage was awesome i was cut between behind the scenes footage and clips of Brandon and Sam (Dylan and Marcus) working on cases then Brandon describing the world if zombies vampires and werewolves and showing the different groups of undead with taye diggs with a some what buffy vampire look and the best part of the footage (in my opinion) was Marcus waking up in a morgue and Dylan saying “okay i have good news and bad news what do you want 1st” Marcus says bad Dylan replys “well youre dead but the good news is its manageable” then zombie marcus and dylan fighting this big thing which looks awesome and funny god it looks so good

    sorry for the spelling mistakes i just got home from the bar 😛

  16. Wow, Tim, it sounds so cool! Thanks SO much for sharing. :d

  17. I haven’t seen the trailer yet but I saw something even better. I’m debating if I should share. Just give me the word Dan. 😉

    BTW, did Kevin Munroe tell you I said Hi?

    Vanna AKA Vger.

  18. Hey,here as the first review of the movie!


  19. casey nunez Says:

    Yes This Should Be a Great Movie!

  20. Hey Diogo thanks for posting that link. I was debating if I should post it. The movie is awesome even without all the CGI effects added. I can’t wait to see it again in the finished form.

  21. So we never get to see why Dylan moves to New Orleans? I was just re-reading a DD Gigante called “The Nameless” in which Dylan leaves the profession to seek other more normal jobs and I believe some of this concept will be projected in the film. Another thing I noticed from the review, there seems to be a lot of CGI in the flick. What gives? I thought it was going to be old-school all the way through, or did I miss something? Of course, Kevin Munroe should be comfortable with CGI at this point, given his involvement in TMNT but I’m slightly afraid of cards that state “CGI to be inserted” or something to that extent. Anyway, “Dead of Night” is doing the test audience circuit and the reactions seem to be positive if a little too enthusiastic (which means relatively non-critical), and that’s that.

  22. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Just keep in mind that the version that was shown to one test audience is not the final cut, so there MAY have been scenes shot that end up back in. . As to the effects shots that hadn’t been completed, most effects that were missing in that one screening have to do with transitions and enhancements of the practical effects that were already shot. For example, you may see an actor looking human who suddenly appears as a werewolf. The effect shot that was not there was the transition, not the actual creature. Make sense?

  23. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Are we allowed to make a countdown to the release of the trailer?
    Like 19 days to go?

  24. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Sure, Anto, but I’m not sure where you would start. We’re not sure when that will be. 🙂

  25. Dan Braverman Says:

    Clever, Dan, clever!

  26. AntoBlueberry Says:

    I thought it would air during the Scream awards.

  27. Stargazer Says:

    I’m dying to see a trailer. 😦

  28. I’m dying to see a trailer. 😦 [2]

  29. I’m dying to see a trailer. 😦 [3]

  30. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I’m dying to see a trailer. 😉 [4]

  31. I’m dying to see a trailer. 😦 [5]

  32. Stargazer Says:


    Love you guys!!

    But I’m still dying to see a trailer. 😦 Here is hoping it comes sooner rather than later. Please.

  33. AntoBlueberry Says:

    So, we can’t say it’s 12 days to the release of the trailer, can we?

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