Just maybe not the video you were hoping for.

The great guys over at Comic Book Resources did a really nice interview with Brandon here:

Jonah Weiland and Brandon Routh

Jonah Weiland and Brandon Routh

Check it out and then come back and chat about it here. I’d love to hear what you all think.

-Dan Forcey
Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/HOPE (Handing Out of Posters Expert)


6 Responses to “Video!”

  1. Luca Zanzi Says:

    I have to say I’m surprised in both this and other interviews at how interested he seems to be in the aspects of production that don’t particularly concern acting. Generally I’d think of most actors as going on set, doing their scene, hanging out a bit, and sticking to their job. Seems like the sort of guy you might find buzzing around the stuntmen and SFX artists asking them what’s going on. Must be nice working with someone like that around.

    Also I’m pretty amused at this point at how most interviews have begun with “ok, we’re doing our very best to keep the adaptation faithful!”. Us fans of the comic are still wondering how close it’ll be, but don’t worry: we trust your hearts are in the right place.

    And yes, we’re all waiting for *that* video.

  2. Vgerland Says:

    I almost jumped out of my seat when I opend up this window to find the word ‘Video’ only to find it was not the one I had hoped it was. NOT that that was not a great video.

    BTW I think the red shirt is a very good color it is very rich looking. Besides the Dylan Dog covers I have seen seem to have various colors anyway. Gee I bet that jacket was hot under all those lights. At least it was not the Dead of Summer during filming so it could have been even worse. What is the jacket made of? Can you tell us?

  3. H.G. Wells Says:

    yes… Dylan Dog is waaay cooler than Superman.

  4. Stargazer Says:

    Nice interview. Brandon always seems to know what’s going on with the fans, what they think, want, etc. He seems to really care about all that. He also seems like a real nice guy. Hope he never changes. Hollywood needs more people like him, good role models.

    As a newbie in the DYD comics (which I’m a fan of), I’m fine with the changes for the movie, not everything that works in a comic book works on film. Two very different mediums. And I guess I’m not as invested in the comics yet. I just want a great movie that is able to capture the essence of the character and his world. And by the sounds of things, it seems to me that I will get just that!

    The teaser poster was another proof that you guys know what you’re doing. That poster SCREAMS Dylan Dog, IMO. Plus I also think that Brandon and Sam are inspired casting for the characters they are playing. In general, the cast for the movie seems very solid. And the pictures I’ve seen so far look fantastic.

    Another thing I like is the practical effects for the movie. Great stuff. I’m very intrigued about the so called ‘Tattoo Zombie’. 😀

    Here is hoping for the best. Yes, I want sequels, baby!! 🙂

  5. Great video! I wish there was one of Anita but still, it’s great to hear from the main actor himself 🙂

  6. any sam interviews?

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