For those of you who will be there, the folks at our autograph signing will NOT now be signing anything but the Dead of Night mini-poster, which will be given out right there at the autograph signing.  Legal issues, it seems, sometimes supersedes the desires of very nice actors and directors.  Who knew?  So I’m afraid you’ll have to leave your inflatable Sams and Lego Brandons at home this time.  Sorry, guys, for any confusion.



10 Responses to “Correction”

  1. Stargazer Says:

    Legal issues? ??? Can you explain a little?

  2. RouthFan1 Says:

    Ah yes, that little thing called “PR” and marketing. Money makes the world go ’round. Don’t we all know it’s true. I for one will not be there and will go ahead and sulk instead. Happy thoughts and wishes to you and everyone at the convention.

  3. Uh oh. Looks like my Superman card won’t get signed. Rats. 😦 Well, at least they’ll get to meet him and get the poster. BTW, thank you for the update! It will save some embarrassment in the end…

  4. deadofnightmovie Says:

    No problem, bjfan. But think of it this way, you’ll get the VERY FIRST poster for Dead of Night and be able to lord it over Brandon fans everywhere. 🙂

  5. Vgerland Says:

    Have fun in that mayhem tomorrow those of you who are able to attend. You especially Dan. You deserve some fun from the sound of it.

    Say HI to Brandon and Sam and everyone else for all of us. 😀


  6. Made in Italy Says:

    Brandon Routh is not enough “Dylan Dog” (the face of Dylan i insipred to Rupert Everett. Ok, Rupert is almost 50 yo now, but maybe an actor more similar than Brandon can be found).
    Dylan live in LONDON, not New Orleans.
    I understand that exist problems of copyright with the white “maggiolone” (Disney)and Groucho (Marx Brothers)… but wht you have spold many money in order to buy the rights of Dylan Dog from the Sergio Bonelli Editore, if then you had to distort the personage totally, changing quite the CONTINENT where lives?
    been ruining Dylan Dog!
    been transforming in something completely different!
    OK, every American production must appeals BEFORE for Hollywood and AFTER for the rest of the world, but you, American people, ask same you the reason because in the world you are not simpatic us to many people

  7. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Made in Italy,
    I’m sorry you feel that way but I’ve addressed all of this stuff throughout this blog. If you’ve read through all of that and still won’t give us the benefit of the doubt of waiting until you’ve actually seen the movie to hate it, I’m not going to debate it with you. I’m truly, honestly sorry that we’ve disappointed a fan of such a great piece of literature, but we’ve done our best to create a very good piece of film that I, for one, am incredibly proud of and one that I’m done trying to make excuses for. I think we’ve done a great job of adapting it and I’ve seen most of it. You don’t and you’ve seen none. People can make up their own minds when they see it themselves just as you’ve already made up yours. If you’d like to discuss this in person, I’ll be in room 32AB tomorrow at 10am at the San Diego International Comic-Con.

  8. Made in Italy,

    Just think of it as a new issue where Dylan has come to New Orleans for the time being. It’s not the first time the character has visited America, anyway. Besides, if the movie is a success, maybe they can make the sequel in London? As for Brandon not looking enough like Dylan, I agree and disagree. Brandon looks a lot like Dylan when he’s at his normal weight, but since he bulked up recently, I can somewhat see your point. Still, you come off as a real idiot when you condemn a movie without seeing it first. I’m not saying you ARE an actual idiot, but that is how you came off there with a statement like that.

  9. Hey, Dan! I’m soooo jealous of you right now. I can’t be there in person, so one of my friends is going to stand in line for me to get the poster. I’m not the type to lord anything over other fans, but I do believe it will make an excellent addition to my guest bedroom. Right next to my HUGE Superman Returns poster. 😉 I have to say, that if the crowds are any indication of the potential madness at the Con, I’m not going to hold my breath about getting a DoN poster. Just can’t. :-}

  10. I got it. 🙂 and in reference to the crowds, apparently Twilight was also doing a panel today. My friends witnessed a mad rush in the autograph hall–they even recorded it. LOL! Really glad they weren’t in the middle of that mess, for sure. Sorry, I know it’s off topic. 🙂 Hope everbody had a great time at the panel, and got their autographs! I really wish I could have been there!

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