ah…the internet

For those of you who are familiar with me on twitter or Facebook, you may have noticed some recent posts I made there about the demise of the great Neil Diamond (http://www.facebook.com/dan.forcey).  It was done as a experiment in social media.  After a few posts on both sites, the rumor spread and eventually the search “Neil Diamond dead” wound up on Yahoo’s top searches for the day.  Somebody also changed the Wikipedia page on Mr. Diamond.  All of this prompted the real and very much alive Mr. Diamond to start twittering to prove he was still alive.  This all came from a few Facebook updates and twitter updates to my social circle, which is truly not that large.  Updates that had NO actual articles, interviews, or facts of any kind to back them up but were picked up and passed along. I did it because I’m personally fascinated with the disappearance of journalistic integrity.  Actually, honestly fascinated with the fact that you can post something ridiculous on the web and it is immediately accepted as fact.  It’s like the high school rumor mill has been pumped full of steroids and spread it’s ugly tendrils around the world.

But why is this important to a production blog on the upcoming movie “Dead of Night”?  Well, somebody this morning, with NO articles, interviews, or facts of any kind to back it up posted that Dead of Night was now going direct to DVD and it has spread around like wildfire.

To put a kibosh on this: there is no doubt that this movie will be a definite theatrical release.

Whomever started this had not spoken to anyone with the production or fact-checked this in any way before posting it.  Personally, I suspect Neil Diamond.  He’s got it out for me now.  I truly, honestly would like to apologize, Mr. Diamond.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/SMS (Social Media Scientist)


15 Responses to “ah…the internet”

  1. Vgerland Says:

    Oh man, you were doing a ‘social experiment’? Bad Boy. 😛 Shame on you. I wouldn’t blame Neil Diamond if he was in fact responsible for the rumor started today but I doubt that is the case. More like Karma!

    Wait…you didn’t plant it yourself did you? You know “No such thing as bad news.” Hmmmmm

    Well thanks for posting a new post but I have to continue to thank Sean (Doubledown) and Think McFly Think on this one, he had your back. I think you own him and us some more REAL news. Hmmmmm?

  2. Dan, I had not heard that rumor. Good to know. Wouldnt believe it anyway since I had heard on moneytv you were on at least 1,100 screens so far, not sure if this is overseas and/or here, and at least until a distributor gets ahold of this and books you on say 1000 or 10,000. Who’s to say yet what it will be. ‘)

  3. Love it Forcey!!!

  4. Vgerland Says:

    One more thing. If you want to read the article Sean did at Think Mcfly Think here is a link.

    Again Thanks Sean. I saw your post before I saw the rumor. Glad I was off the net for a while.


  5. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Yes, thank you, Sean. Sean’s a great guy and everyone here should check out his site if you haven’t yet. It’s full of great stuff.

  6. RouthFan1 Says:

    Thanks for the information. I agree about the decline of great jouralism. Personally after looking over the Atlanta Journal Constituation there were glaring articles of yellow journalism, poor gramatical choices and lackluster reporting. It was enough to make me shake my head and at the verge of tears.

    Personally I feel the last few papers of significant Journalistic integrity remain to be “The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, and The LA Times.”

    That in a nuttshell are the few remaining papers of integrity with fabulous cailber reporters at their disposal other than the associated press. Just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth…but I completely agree that the other papers through the rest of the country have declined, so tragic.

  7. I agree. EVERYONE should check out Sean’s website!

  8. Stargazer Says:

    SO good to know! Dylan Dog is an awesome and very cinematic comicbook universe. Lots of potential here for something truly unique and cool. “Dead of Night” also looks very promising and cool, plus my favorite actor is playing the title role. I’m sold.

    And I CAN’T wait to see this on the big screen. I’ll be bringing several of my family members and friends with me to watch it! 🙂

  9. Matt Smith Says:

    i had my suspicions… and all i’ve got to say is …

  10. True be told, there is within this a story on its own. Journalism should focus on its integrity and take a look back on proven facts. Social networking just gives to much joy to everyday people to see their influence on a computer screen.

    Don’t get me wrong, these sites are very important in their intended purpose of networking but they make some very big agencies think differently when there are over a million hits on a subject.

    My wife is very happy he is still alive.

  11. Xabaras Says:

    This film has nothing to do with the speculation revolving around it. We can all hope it will be a successful and a good film.

    But I have to congratulate you on this Dan. I was raised in a country where journalists were killed for telling the truth. It is a job not to be considered lightly, even in the entertainment industry.

    That was shameful. Everyone should be responsible for what they printed, and stand by it. I find this kind of behavior repulsive.

    (Sorry for being so theatrical, but this pisses me off. Guess I’m in a bad mood. Here’s to some good news, and some footage that will dissuade the disbelieving fans – and some suspicious ones – about the quality of this film. Thanks.)

  12. I wonder if Neil Diamond’s album sales went up?

  13. Vgerland Says:

    Man I am still getting Google Alerts trying to tell me the DVD rumor. I have posted comments at several to try to help dispel the rumor pointing them here and to Sean’s aritcle but it never ends.

    I have yet to receive a Google Alert that it was only a stupid rumor. That is annoying.

    I guess the corrections are on the back pages in small print that no one will ever see.

  14. deadofnightmovie Says:

    People believe the negative first and foremost. It’s sad.

  15. It’s human nature to believe the negative first and foremost, as several studies have shown. In addition, it’s human nature to shift responsibility for monstrous acts, which is why we’ve had so many wars and conflicts (there is a great fact-supported article on this at cracked.com of all sites — > http://www.cracked.com/article_16239_p2.html). In any case, one has to accept both and find a way to deal with them.

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