One more small update

Those of you in the San Diego area who happen to be attending Comicon International this July might want to save some time for some Dead of Night goodness.  More details to follow, but there will be LOTS to see there.  Woo hoo!!!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/STGME (Starting To Get More Excited)


16 Responses to “One more small update”

  1. Someone take some good pictures for me…gotta stay on the east coast for this one….Darn it.

  2. Vgerland Says:

    Ekkkkkk I wasn’t planning on attending. Isn’t it sold out? Cries.

  3. AntoBlueberry Says:

    It’s sold out…

  4. Awesome!
    I’m gonna be there Thursday and Friday, I’ll look for all things Dead of Night

  5. Stargazer Says:

    @M.S.Corley: Great that you will be at Comicon! Please take some pictures and share them with us!

    Also, I was looking at the art in your site, and I understand you made it, right? Great stuff! It’d be nice if you could draw Brandon Routh as Dylan. 😉

  6. Dan, Im assuming we are looking for the Platinum Studios booth. Is this correct?

  7. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Well, I can’t say yet definitively, but there’s booths (and Platinum doesn’t actually have one this year) and then there’s panels. I like those a lot. Sometimes, they even show clips and trailers at the panels. I like it when they do that. 😉

  8. Vgerland Says:

    Oh then those same clips and trailers show up on YouTube. I like it when they do that. 😉 If you can’t be there, at least you get to see some of what you missed.

  9. @Stargazer: I’ll be sure to take pictures and share!

    And thanks for looking at my art, I probably will draw some sort of Brandon-Dylan art. Maybe some of my own movie posters or something.

  10. Stargazer Says:

    @M.S.Corley: Wow, yeah, that sounds like an awesome idea! Please do it. 🙂 And you could also posted here:

    ^It’s the Dylan Dog Thread at the forum where some of us post. You and others can visit any time you want.

  11. Do you know if Brandon and the other cast members of the film will be part of the panel? I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 🙂 I’ve been to Comic Con before, but can’t make it this year–remodeling and such. I’m sad that I’ll miss your panel!! **cries**

    BTW, thanks for running this site! It’s great to see what you guys are up to!

  12. Dan, is this the panel you were refering to?

  13. Vgerland Says:

    You don’t happen to need a hard working volunteer to help out do you?

    Lame attempt I know but you never know till you try.

  14. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Could I really trust you to behave yourself that close to Brandon, Vger? 🙂

  15. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Yes, indeed it is, Boogy.

  16. Vgerland Says:

    If anything I would freeze in place from shock like I did in Newport Beach at the Premiere of ‘Lie to Me’ (later changed to ‘Fling’ but still called that when I saw it there).

    I am completely harmless. 😉

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