In regards to promised “dirt”

I feel like I’m being a bit of a cheerleader here about the movie and I don’t mean to be.  I’d really like to give you guys some “dirt”.  Honestly, I would.  I know I promised the unedited truth when I started this blog and I’ve been trying to give it.  Believe me, I’d love to have some juicy drama to talk about, as it would be picked up in an instant and probably increase word of mouth about this production tenfold, but the truth of the matter is that there isn’t any.  None.  The biggest conflict I’ve seen associated with the movie is me getting into ongoing arguments with the publicist about NOT being able to put up any frickin’ pictures.  (And even those haven’t involved even a raising of either of our voices.)  No actors have hated each other.  No production people have had power struggles.  Nothing.  It’s been a completely lovely, if slightly boring, set.  I may kick some random person in the shins tomorrow, just to start some conflict for you guys. I mean, it’s silly.  Here I am, in a position of power, running the Official Production Blog of a major motion picture, with no one editing me, and I’ve got NO gossip to spread.  I mean NONE, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING bad to say or scandal to unveil.  Nothing to get TMZ or E! Online or even Lying In The Gutters to look at.  Perez Hilton could be quoting me, darn it, and I can’t find a reason to give him.  Life is really unfair sometimes.  🙂

Just wanted to say I’m really not sugar coating anything.  It really is THAT great a production and THAT great a crew to work with, dammit.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stunt Guy/ATOUACOSJFYG (About To Open Up A Can On Someone Just For You Guys)


13 Responses to “In regards to promised “dirt””

  1. Vgerland Says:

    Hey, we’ll settle for some dirt from the party you mentioned on your tweet last week. Anybody need to be carried home? Ha ha.

    Really hope you all had a blast.

    Give us some other dirt like…a lot of people are wondering if Dylan will be speaking with an English accent? Personally I don’t care, but some might since he is suppose to be from England.

    Also, are we going to get any videos soon like they are doing for the Scott Pilgram film? Tell whoever that we would just love any backqround stuff they could share with us. You want word of mouth…we have lots of mouths (and fingers for the web) to spread the news.

  2. RouthFan1 Says:

    C’mon Dan; there’s got to be some juicy gossip! We all know it’s New Orleans, very hot and humid. You can’t HONESTLY tell me that even the main cast members don’t ocassionally finish filming days with some pit stains o’ sweat 😉 Would be nice to know that some people are human and can get a bit ripe in sticky weather. I can’t be the only one who gets a bit irritated at the humidity down here in the South!

  3. Sounds to me like a group of people you might want to recruit for the next feature you’re involved in, Dan. : )

    It’s great to hear that this movie was surrounded by such a drama-free environment. I think the best product always comes from such an atmosphere.

  4. Aww. But what a lovely problem to have. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the filming, and know your prodject has a nice buzz going even without the normal “necessity” for scandal 😉


  5. Aww, we can deal with that ^_^

  6. Dan Braverman Says:

    Well, it ain’t dirt, but it’s disappointment. I shot a scene in which I had to ogle Anita Briem, which I ended up doing repeatedly for a few hours for different takes. Anita is, shall we say, very easy on the eyes. A nice day at work, right? Wrong! With the contacts they made me wear, all I could see was a rather shapely blur. Bitter disappointment!

  7. Stargazer Says:

    “I’ve got NO gossip to spread. I mean NONE, ZIP, NADA, NOTHING bad to say or scandal to unveil.. even those haven’t involved even a raising of either of our voices.”

    So you guys are all perfect then. 😉 Oh, come on, this can’t be possible; there is got to be some drama involved that you dont want to tell about. Well, at least tell us, hos was the party Brandon threw for the crew? Lots of beer? dancing? singing? Something! : )

  8. Oh go on, just make some up.

    Rich Johnston
    Lying In The Gutters

  9. Any chance the city of New Orleans offers a setting for players to lay out when necessary, and step up when the feel is right?

    The weather and the food can go together to let some egos chill when work gets done.

  10. I’m a relatively new Dylan fan.
    I’ve been waiting for the DarkHorse release of “The Dylan Dog Case Files” and this last friday I bought it and I read all 600 whatever pages over the weekend, and fell in love. Who wouldn’t?
    Then I did all the Google research I could about the character, and found out there is a movie being made! Good lord am I excited.

    You now have another faithful follower of this blog!

  11. So now that your back in LA Dan, how does it feel to be home.? Im sure you have some good stories to tell the people at work and some good ones here. You can tell us, were all grownups. LOL
    Will you still be giving us some updates on D.D, say who is doing the music, what style, orchestra or rock. What is your next project location and story your involved with? How is the Movie poster coming along? Can we get a preview. Basically good stuff, or bad stuff, well take it all.

  12. Indagatore ´dell incubo Kobisnica Says:

    I hope the bonus on the DVD [5-10 hours were nice! :)] will show us the athmosphere from the shootings! 🙂

  13. The atmosphere when I was in the club scene was very, very exciting. I had -so- much fun and instantly wanted to go back when I had to leave. It was like, positive “energy” everywhere. A lot of fun and great people making this movie.

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