And MORE photos!

Couple of more photos released today.  Make sure to check back with these great sites, as all of them have posted follow-up articles talking about their experiences on set, too.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stunt Guy/EATEN (Excited by All This Entertaining News and, yes, also “Eaten” (by zombies))


5 Responses to “And MORE photos!”

  1. Vgerland Says:

    This has been a fun couple of days. Love all the news and photos.

    Everyone looks great! Love that Marcus is a zombie. That is just too cool.

  2. indagatore dell´ incubo [Kobisnica] Says:

    Great! I can hardly wait to see more stuff!!

  3. Stargazer Says:

    LOVE all the pics! Brandon rocks as Dylan. Anita looks pretty good too.

  4. oh my god, oh my god, but what it has done to the hair?

  5. Oh my god, Dylan in a supermarket – that is utterly superb! I can’t wait to find out where all of this fits into the plot, but there’s something wonderful about that shot…

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