Welcome, wolves!

In case you hadn’t heard yet, I’d like to welcome Peter Stormare and Kurt Angle to the cast of Dead of Night.  You can read all about it here:


I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Peter yet, but Kurt flew in yesterday and spent the day getting to know the cast and crew.  Super nice guy and a real regular joe (in a great way).

One thing I can say with absolute honesty is that Kevin and Gil have built one of the nicest and most talented crews I’ve ever met.  Usually on set, there’s one or two people that everyone hates, a few departments that don’t get along, and generally more drama than an episode of Days of Our Lives.  But this set has been free of all of that and I really have to credit Kevin and Gil.  Sure there’s stress, there always is, but it’s almost like we’re tackling it like a family.

And, from one day’s experience, I think Kurt is going to fit into that family just fine.  Hmm…but what IS the role of Wolfgang?  Is he ally or enemy?  Sure, he’s a werewolf, but as all good Dylan fans knows, the monster is not always the monster.

Off to set for me.  Ciao!

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stuntguy/JFTT (Just Fine Today, Thanks)


9 Responses to “Welcome, wolves!”

  1. Wow, Peter is a great actor!

  2. Please let Wolfgang do the angle lock to someone (possibly to Sam while screaming “You’re not Groucho! You’re NOT Groucho!!!”) ;D

  3. I LOVE the Stormare selection. He’s very good at playing a villain of any kind, provided his role is actually that of a villain in this particular film. But Kurt Angle? Really? I’m sure he’s nice and all, but I just don’t have much confidence in a wrestler’s acting after sitting through Blade Trinity and The Condemned.

  4. Dan-
    Cool idea about the blog for DofN. I’ll keep watching and reading!

  5. Stargazer Says:

    Well, Mr Stormare was fabulous as Satan in “Constantine”, so yay!

    Now, as a new Dylan fan AND as a big Brandon fan, I just wanted to say that I SO hope this movie will be good, really good AND accesible enough to the mainstream, unlike Watchmen; you see, some online friends of mine told me today that this movie was going to tank at the BO. Ugh, they made me mad, LOL. I’m sure they don’t read this blog so when they heard that a wrestler was going to be in the movie they thought.. the worst?

    Please, Kevin, Gil, Brandon and rest of the crew, prove them wrong. Thanks.

  6. werewolves? that’s good. i just hope u wont use too many fake cgi effects.

  7. just went to bonelli’s website and ordered me anout 125 euros worth of DyD. A third of that was just for shipping! Forget vamps and werevolves, the Italian Postal system is the real horror.

    anyway, most of the issues i ordered are the more recent ones, and it is true DyD leans a little more to the left than when Sclavi was in full control, writing 99% of the material.

    DyD always stuck to his guns and said what he thought needed to be said, which is what made him explode in the early 90’s; he was the original radical. He used common sense and some very huiman sensibility to bring reason to a world infested with human monsters.

    anyway, what i’m trying to say is… i hope you guys keep that firecracker version of DyD alive, and not make him out to be some politically correct, snazzy dressing pretty boy who can quell a zombie uprising or two.


    Client: His throat was cut, there was blood everywhere, and that… that… THING was gone. I saw him for only a second, at the window. He had a strange outfit. He looked like a… uhm…

    DyD: a Goblin…? Was that the first one you’ve seen or have you met any before?

    Client: Are you making fun of me?

    DyD: I could ask you the same question… but the answer is no. And how come no one’s made mention of this? I read about your father’s murder on the newspaper, but they only mention someone with mental instability or a thief as a suspect.

    Client: It doesn’t surprise me.

    DyD: That the press doesn’t tell the truth? Me either. But in this case we don’t know the truth yet, and anyway, a murderous goblin on the rampage should be prime news. They’re extremely rare.

    Client: I’m not sure if your making fun of me or yourself… or the work you do. But anyway, the press reported Scotland Yard’s official version of the events, and i confirmed it. Do you think i did only imagine it?

    Dyd: Yes and no. Or better yet, neither yes nor no. Usually i don’t believe in such tales, especially not before an investigation… but i usually always hope. Right now I hope, curled up in the shadows. ther is a Goblin. and even he was murderous and evil he would still be a triumph of Fantasy over Reality. It actuall pains me to have to catch it for you for the measly rate of Fifty pounds a day plus expenses.

    Client: So you accept?

    DyD: I accept.


    “GOBLIN” Dylan Dog #45
    June, 1990

    (first one i ever read)

  8. @ Bloch

    HA! Great!

  9. You guys have been on location about two houses down from me all day today. Luckily, I’m unemployed right now and have been walking around all afternoon and had the pleasure to chat with a couple of the crew members…Absolutely super nice people!! I wish nothing but the best success for the film. And even though I wasn’t able to get a glimpse of anything really cool(although just seeing a real set was exciting in itself), I am still super psyched about seeing the movie! When will a trailer be released??

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