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So, I’ll throw another question out to all y’all Dylan Dog fans (see how I’m acclimatizing to New Orleans speech?  :-)).  As I’ve mentioned earlier, the story in Dead of Night is not taken from any one volume of the comic (although it is very much in the spirit of and as close to the world of Dylan that we could possibly create).  So tell me this, which episode would you most like to see adapted for the screen?  Personally, I’d like to see Dylan cutting his way out of a giant heart with a sword, but I’m not sure that will ever happen.  Which one would YOU like to see?  And, remember, I’m actually the VP of Development at Platinum, so your answers could have a real impact on future films, too.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stuntguy/SBS (Slowly Becoming a Southerner)


25 Responses to “One more discussion topic”

  1. for me, a great story is the number 41 “Golconda” but i thik it’s hard to translate in a movie.

    so, i guess it’s possible to realize the number 175 “il seme della follia”.

  2. Vgerland Says:

    I am much to new to the Dylan Dog world to really comment on what I want to see. I just received my copy of The Dylan Dog Case Files yesterday and have finished the first 3 stories.

    I am interested in how you are going to show the relationship between Dylan and his sidekick. Dylan seems (from the little exposure I have had up to this point) to want to shelter people. He also seems to be hungry for love of any kind.

    I am excited to hear that there is already interest there on the set and hopefully with the PTB in what will come next after this picture. From what I am reading here, I think Dylan Dog is in good hands.

    I look forward to seeing what comes out of this production team.

    BTW, any news on the expected release date?

  3. Stargazer Says:

    “(Slowly Becoming a Southerner)”

    😀 😀 Love your humor! Nice.

    Now, on the subject, ” So tell me this, which episode would you most like to see adapted for the screen?”

    Well, I recently finished reading the story “Dawn of the Living Dead” for a first time, and it featured a baddie called Xabaras. I liked him a lot. He seems like a very strong opponent to Dylan. Yep, lots of potential there for a truly epic Dylan Dog movie. I’m totally new to the DD universe, so to those older readers (and you Dan), is Xabaras considered Dylan’s archnemesis?

  4. Ivica Serdarot Says:

    It’s easy – one film made out of nr. 19 Memorie dall’ Invisibile and its sequel, nr. 88 Oltre la morte. Both episodes are considered classics because of the deep human drama they contain and they are both VERY cinematic. The Xabaras saga and Dylan’s history with Lilly would be unfilmable in comparison. By the way, thanks for the nod. It caught me by surprise 🙂

  5. Mi piacerebbe molto vedere “il lungo addio”, o “Morgana”, o il numero “200”, o “il guardiano del faro” o quello che vi pare, ma soprattutto vorrei vedere il vero dylan.

  6. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:

    Well, i hope to do not see DyD with a sword. Never ever never. 🙂

    Anyway: best DyD stories are maybe too much deep and philosophical complex for the big screen, so i guess the best choice would be pick up the volumes with simple, linear plot, and to adapt them for the screen. I mean: volume like “Morgana” or “Storia di Nessuno/Nobody History” are very much like the Wim Wenders movies, so you’ll understad that they are impossible to sell like simple horror movies. Ergo: volumes like “Zona del Crepuscolo/Twilight Zone” or “Memorie dall’Invisibile/Memories from and Invisible World” are much adaptable for the screen. An horror plot plus melanchony, romance and surrealism. Stop.

  7. Hey…
    my name is David, I´m italian and I´m a HUGE fan of the original italian comic.

    First of all I never thought that the Dylan Dog comic series could ever be adapted in a movie.
    The storyline behind the series, the philosophy and , well, simply the italian humour of Croucho´s remarks are just too much to be put on the big screen. However I embrace the idea that after the ridiculous attempt of “DellaMorte DellAmore” someone has come forward to try and capture the spirit of Tiziano Sclavi´s Dylan Dog by actually sticking with the series.
    There are a few things that are essential for an adaptation of any Dylan Dog episode:
    1) Don´t make Dylan Dog an action hero!
    2) Don´t give Dylan Dog psychic powers or something like that…
    3) Take the series and its storyline
    (Groucho, Dylan´s Girlfriends, Dylan´s “unknown” past, Dylan´s fight with his father Xabaras etc.) serious.
    4) Never ever change Croucho´s role…
    I know that through various english translations his character has lost immensly in depth and definitely in humor; but for ANY italian fan and certainly for the character of Dylan himself, Croucho has been the most important charater in the entire series.

    But to come back to your initial Question…
    I have selected a few episodes that are in my opinion most rapresentative of what Dylan Dog is all about:
    (Note that most of these Comics HAVEN´T been released in english so I will refer to the italian titles)

    1) No. 84 Zed – Dylan in an alternate Universe
    2) No. 1 Alba dei morti viventi – The absolute Classic. Dylan´s first fight
    3) No. 241&242 Xabaras! & In nome del padre
    And last but not least my favourite:
    4) No.74 -Il lungo addio

    I hope this comment can be constructive for future projects.

    Looking forward to see Dylan in theatres… this year?!?

    All the best

  8. too many to list; DyD could give the Simpsons competition.

    If i had to pick i would do the Alba dei Morti Viventi/Morgana/Storia di nessuno (#’s 1,25,43). The bleak, inevitable zombification of the world is just too damned cool.

  9. The Inverness episodes – La Zona del Crepuscolo (7) & Ritorno al Crepuscolo #57;

    Cagliostro! #18 because it’s situated in NYC;

    Or other classics: Memorie dall’invisibile #19; Dopo mezzanotte #26; Accadde domani #40; Golconda! #41…

    Perhaps it would be interesting to take on Sclavi’s unique version of Hell – Inferni #46.

  10. I would like to see stories like Alba dei Morti Viventi, Attraverso lo Specchio, Il Lungo Addio, Johnny Freak or Finché Morte non vi Separi. Aniway, I know that this’ll be ever a dream…

  11. The episodes i like the most are the ones with a sad/romantic mood like “Il Lungo Addio” (my favourite episode ever), “Memorie Dall’Invisibile”, “Il Buio” or “La Fata Del Male”.

  12. Agreed.
    DD 19 Memorie dall’invisibile is one of my favorites. And I think narration would fit perfectly in a Dylan movie…bit of noarish feel.
    DD 26 Dopo mezzanotte is also one of those early Dylan masterpieces.
    DD 18 Cagliostro! is a great one and it’s even set in New York…

  13. ZombieJosh Says:

    I’ll second that FOR SURE, thanks Bloch! All the fun movie references in that are great, and Dog is at his best and most assuredly in his element.

  14. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:

    Yes, but impossible for the big screen. It would be just another Romero-copy, beacuse certain things of Sclavi’s work are the Evil for american producers.

  15. deadofnightmovie Says:

    But who would play the cat, Dante? 🙂

  16. deadofnightmovie Says:

    He’s his father, actually, Stargazer.

  17. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:

    “Luke, i am your father!”

  18. AntoBlueberry Says:

    You spoiled the real identity of Xabaras, do you realize that, Dan?
    Noooooooo (in full Darth Vader mode).
    Anyway I second the choice of “Memorie dall’invisibile” (“Memories from the invisible world” in th DD case file TP). It was going to be the basis for the pilot of the never made Italian Dylan Tv series.
    For any future movie, I think alla fans will be glad if Tiziano Sclavi and Paola Barbato could adapt one of their stories. She’s right now working on the script for a movie based on one of her novels.

  19. Stargazer Says:

    “He’s his father, actually, Stargazer.”

    Woah! 😮 It reminds me of “Luke, I’m your father.” :p

  20. Vgerland Says:

    Even as new as I am to Dylan Dog I had already read that bit of info. It is revealed in the fifth story of the new English release – The Dylan Dog Case Files. The story is Morgana.

    So which came first Star Wars or Dylan Dog because it did really remind me of Luke and Darth Vader? Then again it is a timeless theme used many many times in fiction.

  21. Gosh – in agreement with the others – too many to choose from!
    But one of my personal favourites is the “Sogni” special #7. Not least of all because the artist is one ofmy favourites.

    I’m wondering whether Dead of Night will be some kind of Origins film…establishing Dylan’s move from the force to being a private detective; slipping in some Xabaras bits and bobs….a general character developement and first case. I’d like to see that. I know you can’t say anything, haha, but I think I’d like that ^_^

  22. Oooh – Eddy mentioned Johnny Freak…that would be a good one too!

  23. ritchieds Says:

    well, “l’alba dei morti viventi” (“Dawn of the Living Dead”) would be great.
    one thing is really important: try not to banalize dylan dog… we are so tired of vampires and such… dylan has a great atmosphere, so just keep the mood of the comic! and even xabaras if it’s possible

  24. Indagatore dell incubo Says:

    I love Dylan Dog like no other comic in universe! Bonelli brought us many good stuff, I also collect Martin Mystere, Tex, Mister No, Zagor, Dampyr and others – but DD ist the top.
    The question for the best issue is quite impossible to answer: I collect the croatian, serbian and german editions, so I read lot of DD stuff, I am not able to say, which one is my best, but issues #1 – #60 are the greatest ones. I´d like to see a Xabaras story, but I don´t believe it´ll be possible. However, a DD TV Series were the right thing!

  25. hey there!
    glad to be joining the legions of fans eagerly awaiting for the release of this epic production, and I’ll just throw my 2 cents in (been a reader ever since 1993 – I was eleven years old and it costed me some trippy nigthmare at the time!):

    – DD01 – L’ALBA DEI MORTI VIVENTI (for sure – who wouldn’t wanna see this? bring on George A. Romero as a consultant!) and maybe the whole living dead saga…

    – the UFO trilogy – “Terrore dall’infinito”, “Quando cadono le stelle” and “Lassù qualcuno ci chiama”… yeah, some X FILES fans could get psyched to hear about suc ha thing! quoting from Bonelli’s official site “…inspired both by psychoanalytic theory (extraterrestrials as protection against fears rising from the unconscious) and by the positive and ecumenical vision of Spielberg’s films (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “E.T.”)”

    – and the John Carpenteresque DD 051 – IL MALE …this would be the ultimate action horror!!!

    hey – just wondering – someone’s in charge of the official soundtrack yet???

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