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Since there are more of us here lately, I just want to make it clear that there is a zero tolerance for flamers and their comments will be immediately deleted.  I’m happy to answer questions or even engage in debate, but there are far too many people working their butts off and, in some cases, risking their lives to put out the best movie possible for me to give a platform for comments like “Actor X sucks, why did you cast them?” or “This movie looks lame and I hope it fails.”  Seriously, folks, there are people pouring their heart and soul into this film in order to make something you’ll enjoy.  To attack that before even seeing the product is incomprehensible to me.  There are plenty of other blogs out there that tolerate that kind of stuff.  Go find one of them if you need to voice your opinion in that manner.

(Sorry if this sounds snippy, but I just had to delete 12 comments, 10 of them from one guy, listing the reasons this movie will suck.)

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stuntguy/GNSPGINC  (Generally Not So Pissy, Guess I Need Coffee)


42 Responses to “One sidebar…”

  1. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:

    Hi. I am an italian reader of Dylan Dog comics and so, you’ll understand, i know very well what we’re talking about. We are spreading voice about this blog trough the italian websites, so all the DD italian fans can join us and tell you what they think about the movie.

    You’ll understand that, from what we are seeing now, this looks like everything but a movie who follow the original comic book. An italian site has published the review of the script, so everyone in Italy now knows the story and… well, it seems just like the Constantine movie with Keanu Reeves.

  2. Malimortaccivostra.

  3. Giuda ballerino.

    (how’s “Giuda ballerino” in english? “dancing Judas”? will Brandon say “dancing Judas” in the movie? that would also be quite important for us fans… it’s like Doc saying “Great Scott” in Back to the future…)

  4. It’s par for the course unfortunately. There is a difference between discussing the negatives and positives in a civil manner and just ripping on something for the sake of ripping with no evidence. Some have no idea how to separate the two from the looks of it.

  5. Ignore the haters… And hurry up with the Brandon/Dylan pics!!!

  6. Vgerland Says:

    I say BRAVO!

    You don’t need to appologize for doing us all a favor. Flamers spoil the fun for everyone else.

  7. Hey Dan (or anybody on this blog), have you seen the Italian film CEMETERY MAN (Dellamorte Dellamore) starring Rupert Everett? It’s loosely based on a Dylan Dog speciale called ORRORE NERO.

  8. not at all snippy. some people just want to criticize and they really don’t deserve the attention. i for one am looking forward to this film.

  9. Phil.from.Italy Says:

    I’m sure your film won’t suck, but PLEEEASE do whatever you are allowed to do in order to be as faithful as possible to Sclavi’s work! You are bearing a great, a huge responsibility!! So, beware!! 😉

  10. Stargazer Says:

    VERY well done, Dan! I’m with you.

    But you have to know that there are some very sad individuals who aren’t happy with Brandon’s success in his career. They can’t tolerate it.

    Fortunately, there are A LOT of people who love Brandon and CAN’T wait to see him in more movies and to get all the attention and success he deserves. Go Forward everyone! And do the best job you possibly can. 😀

  11. Montgomery Says:

    Platinum Dan by any chance? What in gods name is a flamer? Concerned I might be one, as I personally think that actor X guy did suck in whatever it was he was in. On a serious note, sounds like the movie is going well. Good luck.

  12. Keep up the good work Dan. Now that your blog has gone international and was featured on different comic sites, see IHUB for links, you should start seeing alot more visitors. Dont let a few bad eggs spoil it for you or for the rest of us. Were all interested in what is happening and appreciate all that you and the cast and crew have done. Looking forward to the movie and its continued success. Thanks for everything.

  13. deadofnightmovie Says:

    We’ve definitely seen Cemetary Man and love the movie. Rupert did an amazing job. For those of you who haven’t seen it, check it out. It was released in Italy as Dellamorte Dellamore and in Spain as “Mi Novia Es Un Zombie”. (One of the best and strangest title translations ever!)

  14. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Thanks, Mcfly. And I’ll reiterate (now that I’ve had plenty of coffee. :-)) that I am happy to discuss any negatives or criticisms that anyone has of the film and I completely understand and appreciate (and am very glad) that people have a very emotional connection to Dylan. Heck, I’ve had emotional reactions to a lot of films that took source material that was close to me. I’m glad there is such a fanbase and we are all doing our best to make something you all love.

  15. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Hush/Tommy Elliot,
    I haven’t seen the review you’re talking about, but it would surprise me greatly if it was a review of the final script. The director and Platinum’s foreign library specialist, Gioj Demarco, went through the script just prior to shooting and did an entirely new draft that was specifically intended to make things closer to the books. That script has been a very under wraps. And I understand there are a lot of you know a lot more than even I do about Dylan Dog, but I hope it helps to know that Gioj is a native Italian, as big a fan as there is in the world of Dylan and her whole job is to make sure we stay true to who and what Dylan is.

  16. Hey there, I just want to say I am very glad y’all are filming in New Orleans. I hope the people here are treating you well and making your stay memorable. It seems the weather likes y’all as well, as except for a little rain, it has stayed colder than usual this time of year. If you have never been in the Quarter in the height of summer, you won’t understand the string of pleasant days for filming you are having. I hope the movie is a great success and I for one will be standing in line on opening day to see it and try to identify all the locations that were shot in the city and surrounding areas. Hope y’all factored in time for Jazz Fest when they were making that shooting schedule!

  17. t’s not about drums, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend.

  18. OhDayLin Says:

    “Since there are more of us here lately, I just want to make it clear that there is a zero tolerance for flamers and their comments will be immediately deleted.”

    what a fascist!!!

  19. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:


    this is the web-link to the review, but obviously the page is in italian. (EDIT: Thanks for the link but I’d rather not give people the wrong impression. See below.)

    You see, the fact is that from what i’m reading about this movie, it seems very far away form the Sclavi’s work. Still i did not see “Dead of night”, of course, but you’ll understand that the original comic book has a writing style and an atmospher totally different form american movies. Now i see Dylan in the USA and this has no sense. I mean, to shoot in Great Britain isn’t cheaper than to shoot in America? The britannic atmosphere is very important, so i’d like to know if the change of city (form London to New York) is a matter of money or an artistic chose.
    But most important: Dylan is NOT a hero, is not Bruce Willis, useful he DO NOT SAVE THE DAY. There are stories in wich Dyaln does’nt undertand nothing about the mistery, stories in wich Dylan go in jail, in the end. Useful, Dylan is DEFEATED by his enemies, because he is just a normal guy like me and you, who fail. I don’t understand why the writesr suggest an obscure past for Dylan, like if he was John Constantine or something like that.

  20. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Well, just from my limited Italian, I can see that the version this person is “reviewing” is about 3 years old. For example, it hasn’t been set in New York since the early, early days of the script. We changed it because New Orleans was the only city in the US that had a similar atmosphere to London. Part of what makes London such an important character (and, yes, I believe the city is very much a character in the books) is that it has a sense of magic and mystery to it. It’s old and behind every corner there could be a ghost or zombie or another Jack the Ripper. New Orleans, I can say very honestly, has a very similar old, haunted feel to it.

    I won’t go further into comparing what the reviewer talked about, but I wouldn’t give too much credibility to any of it, as it’s from a very, very old draft of the script and you should not let it give you the wrong impression. Which is why I removed the link you so kindly gave me, I just don’t want people to get the wrong impression. Thank you, though.

  21. deadofnightmovie Says:

    See? I don’t mind you insulting me, just not the actors or the script. 🙂 Seriously, though, not trying to be a fascist, just trying to keep this a pleasant place to engage in lively conversation.

  22. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:

    Ok, obviously i don’t want spoiler, so if you tell me that the script i was talking about is 3 years old, i belive you and i dont’ ask you further news about it. But still i don’t understad why you changed London with New Orleans… sure, New Orleans is better than NYC fo a movie like this, but why the change?

    Anyway, can you tell me if the Dylan personality is changed too, from that script, among the location? Dylan is the anti-Constantine in the Sclavi version; is he like this in the movie too?

  23. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Hi Dan,
    glad that you liked Dellamorte Dellamore. I happen to have a big poster for that movie in my office and it’s not here by chance.

  24. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I think we kept it close to who he is, but it’s going to be up to you to decide that. I will say, too, that a lot of that character that you’re talking about it going to be in Brandon’s performance and I think he’s doing an amazing job with is so far. He’s going to show a lot of people that are only familiar with him as Superman that he’s an actor with a ton of range. (And one of the nicest actors I’ve ever dealt with, too.)

  25. Still curious about the “Giuda ballerino” issue if you can answer that (I don’t know how “Giuda ballerino” has been translated in the english version of the comic book, but it’s kind of Dylan’ stock phrase… maybe ask Gioj about it?)

  26. @DeadOfNightMovie

    From some of the people at WB I have spoken with, that is the reason they love Brandon. He carries himself so well on and off the set. I’m glad that you are experiencing the same thing. I think this is a great role for Brandon, so he can prove he isn’t just a “boyscout” but has a little “dog” in him.

  27. slushpuppy Says:

    I can’t wait for this movie and I think it’s great that you’re keeping such an active blog about what’s going on. Thanks for the updates, they’re very much appreciated!

  28. I referenced CEMETERY MAN for the reason that it’s based on a DYD comic, but it’s different – Rupert IS NOT Dylan in that film, but the styling is similar, etc.

    That’s why I am looking forward to this film, and I’m not too stressed out by petty differences. For the real thing, I have the comics on the shelf (looking at them right now). The film should be just an small representation of the DYD world(s), and bring the great work of Tiziano Sclavi to a greater audience.

    I just hope that a special side of Dylan caracter is represented. He is like a romantic poet. He is ironic in a heartbroken way – but positive, not too dark. He quotes great filmmakers, poets, philosophers… I’m not so worried about the plot (some of the best issues are simple horror stories, but the tone & imagery are so unique), I just wouldn’t like that it blends in with all others comic adaptations… After a 1min of the footage, I’d like to be able to say – that is DYLAN DOG, that is the world from the pages that I’ve grown to love.

    But anyway, here’s to some good fun and some scary s**t!

    (Here are the two of my perhaps favorite issues –, Both are available in the USA, but with different covers. I live in east Europe, but I can say that I’m a proud owner of both Dark Horse issues! :))

  29. And for the people who are interested in Dylan’s world but haven’t read the comics, or for Brandon’s fans, here is the official Bonelli site:, were you can check out DYD covers, FAQ, etc.

  30. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Does he say “sorry” after he punches you in the face?

  31. i can see Dylan in New orleans. Hell, he’s been to New York. He can be convinced to hop on a boat. also the setting of a memorable Zagor adventure, La palude dei Morti Viventi.

    Dylan in New Orleans is a realistic setting… but ONLY ONLY ONLY on business. Not as a resident. Which makes the VW beetle a complete mistake. Dylan could never afford the freight charges to bring it from London.

    Unless he moved, and got a new one, which is why it is a different color.

    You must be careful deadofnightmovie. The poster Phil.From.Italy is very correct when he states you are bearing a great responsibility. Good luck,

    a skeptic friend

  32. I’m really excited about this film!

    One question I have is do the vampires’ faces transform like in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series, or is it just the actors with fake teeth?

  33. I just returned home from being in this movie and I saw first hand that SO many people are working very hard to make this happen. A -lot- of work is going into this and I am looking forward to the finished product. It looks like and awesome film! Keep up the awesome work, doods! ^__^

  34. I can’t believe I’ve only just found this blog! thank you, The Beat!
    I’m a rabid Dylan Dog fan and have been giddy with anticipation since I heard the news about this production. Just wanted to join the blog and add my salute to the proceedings. I cannot wait to see this project come to light. Dylan has been my hero for years – and this was one of the first comic series I ever really got my teeth into…even now when I get to visit my family over in Italy I’m picking up new issues.
    I will be following with eager eyes.

  35. RouthFan1 Says:

    Thanks for being straightforward about “flamers” Dan. I am not a big fan, I think it’s pointless and often extremely immature to harshly judge something before you even see the end result.

    People need to understand that certain adjustments need to be made on film due to whatever copywright infrignement or limitations placed upon a film/director. I think it’s not tragic if a few liberties are taken, afterall creativity doesn’t necessarially mean sticking to a complete pre-established depiction. Of course it’s important not to alienate loyal fans but I think most normal people out there don’t respond so harshly to minor changes.

    I think it’s an interesting idea to have it in New Orleans, but if the film does well (I’ll be seeing it) and you can do a sequel, might I suggest perhaps Savannah Georgia? I think supposedly it’s supposed to be the most haunted city in the United States…somewhat of an errie allure with the Spanish moss that hangs in the trees and the deep history of the area.

  36. deadofnightmovie Says:

    You’ll have to wait and see on that one, Monty!

  37. deadofnightmovie Says:

    I understand fully the responsibility we are bearing. All I can say is that we’re all doing our best to live up to that.

  38. Just found you. keep up the good work. lot of websites, and I MEAN ALOT, have found your blog. Looking forward to the movie.

  39. Phil.from.Italy Says:

    Dylan does NOT say “sorry” after punching someone, unless he mean that, which happens only with women! he’s not even a great boxer, often he just “take” it! He’s quite a fan of “kickballing” 🙂

  40. Ivica Serdarot Says:

    Hey, I like all the things you’ve said about Gioj Demarco so far as well as the reported script update. I’m glad I found out about this blog; even though I’m still the skeptic, now I’m really interested to see how things turn out in the end. Oh, and when you have the chance, send my best wishes to Demarco 🙂

  41. Even though I’ve never heard of Dylan Dog before, I cannot wait to see this!! Sounds like a mix of Buffy meeting the X-Files, two of my favourite shows of all time. I loved Brandon Routh in Superman Returns and cannot wait to be introduced into the world of Dylan Dog!!!

  42. Hi there, i’m a DD’s italian reader from the very beginning; I really hope that you understand the real atmosphere of this graphic novel. Have a good work.

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