Look! I got you a photo!

Not quite Dylan.  Not quite Brandon, either.

Not quite Dylan. Not quite Brandon, either.

You want a picture of Brandon in costume?  Ask and ye shall receive!!!  Well, I realize it’s not quite Brandon and it’s not quite costume, but that is coming soon, I promise.  It’s not quite a professional photo, either.  This was actually taken on an iPhone at about 3am, at Canal and Rampart (a pretty rough area of New Orleans, especially at 3am).  The furniture pad on the hood is to protect the car, as there was a stuntman riding on it a few minutes earlier.  The guy in the photo is Mike Massa, a very talented and accomplished stuntman who doubled Brandon back on Superman Returns.  He’s not in his full costume here (he happened to have the jacket off here), but he’s doing his best “Dylan Stance” anyway.  And, yes, that’s Dylan’s bug right next to him.  See?  I told you it was there.  I hope you enjoy the photo.

Two quick anecdotes about the night this photo was taken:

1) Drunk drivers don’t pay attention to cones.  During one of the takes, a drunk driver barrelled through the cones we had set up, causing myself and another stunt guy to scramble out of the way.  It wasn’t exactly a close call, but still kind of scary to look up while you’re watching a dangerous car stunt and realize that you’re actually IN a dangerous car stunt.

2)  Apparently, tattoo parlours do a lot of business at 3am.  At least that is what the owner tried to tell us when he stumbled back drunk at 3am to find us blocking the front of his store.  He insisted on yelling through the next few shots about how much money he was losing by us being there.  He then vomited in the street and yelled some more.  Remind me, if I ever get a tattoo, to make sure it’s done by a drunk man at 3am in one of the worst areas of New Orleans because if there’s anyone I trust sticking a needle in my body about at thousand times, it was that guy.  The irony?  Customers, regulars apparently, showed up at 4am bearing coffee for him.

It’s a strange, strange world.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stuntguy/BO  (Behavioural Observer)


16 Responses to “Look! I got you a photo!”

  1. Well played sir. Perfect tease.

    Looking forward to Brandon in the Dylan Dog get up and I remember the stunt double, Mike, from the Superman Returns DVD extras.

  2. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Why is the Beetle black with a white hood and not the other way as in the books?
    I’m just being nitpicky, the pose is perfect instead.
    How many days into PP are you now?

  3. Nice 1! I really like your sense of humor – keep ’em coming. Mind you, be careful with drunk people, now you see why Dylan stopped boozing.

    By the way, I too noticed the inverted colors of the Beetle – are the plates still the same? (DYD 666)

    (Dylan Dog stance is perfect – shout out to Mike!)

  4. I think the bug is that way ‘cuz is way more cool than a white one, besides the only reason why I was made white is cause of inking and finale look on the b&w pages…

    “Dylan Stance”? no chances way too rigid… personally I think that the typical Dylan stance his him sitting on his armchair.

  5. A black beetle? Aaaaaargghhhh!!!
    Hoping to see the film soon here in Italy 😉

  6. deadofnightmovie Says:

    The image of the white bug on film is owned by the Walt Disney corporation. (Thanks to Herbie.) That’s why you will never see a white Volkswagen Beetle on film outside of a Disney movie. The black paint was the only way we could get around it. It was either that or no Beetle at all.

    And we’re currently on Day 16 of principle photography, Antonello.

    As to the stance, I guess we were thinking of this one. http://www.sergiobonellieditore.it/dylan/desktop/dylan_d01.jpg

  7. Hush/Tommy Elliot Says:

    Man, the car has the wrong colour! It sould be white, not black.

  8. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Check out the post right above yours for an explanation.

  9. This picture is really cool. I agree. Its better a black beetle that no beetle at all. I’m just wondering about the new orleans choice. The comic is set in a foggy and mysterious london. What kind of new orleans we will see in the movie?

  10. I think it is great when fans care enough to notice things like the color of the car, some would call it nitpicky, I call it being a fan. Very interesting about Disney and Herbie. Good to know you guys are covering all the bases.

    We’re spreading the word. Look forward to more insight and information.


  11. Bostonpizzo Says:

    No way! Do something for the colour of the beetle!!!!

  12. Thank you for the explanation of the black beetle, IMHO this change will create big discussions.
    I understand copyright issues, but it seem quite exaggerate that Disney could block any use of a certain car model because it has been used in Disney film. Could you give us more details on this matter (past cases, similar situation, etc)

  13. Vgerland Says:

    I know nothing about Dylan Dog but what I am learning now. I want a good movie and I trust this team to give it to us. Taking a concept from a printed comic like book there will always be consessions made. Fans need to be open minded and embrace the new along with the cannon.

    I am so looking forward to what comes next and agree this post was a great tease.

  14. For anyone that remembers… that’s Angel’s stunt double!!!!!! haha

  15. AntoBlueberry Says:

    Dan, that drawing of Dylan was done by Angelo Stano as a centerfold poster for the Italian Max magazine. They usually have beautiful women with few clothes on in their posters and it was the first time they had a comic-book man in the centerfold.

  16. Why the iphone photo…come on surely you have a good stills guy who could give you a REAL picture of the REAL Brandon as the REAL DYLAN!!

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