Hang tight…

Sorry for the lack of updates, everyone.  Been some long hours shooting nights here.  Lots of pictures and updates coming soon, though, I promise.

Some quick things I’ve learned in the last week, though:

1)  Never mess with Icelandic women, no matter how dainty they look.  They can bruise.

2)  Never walk to basecamp when you’re shooting north of Rampart.  They can shoot faster than you can run.

3)  Never believe the AD when they offer to let you take off prosthetics “in the comfort of your own home”.  They can remove the top three layers of skin quite easily.

4)  When chasing the hero, never jump on the hood while he’s driving towards a pointy sign.  They poke and not in a good way.

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stuntguy/GDD (Generally Damaged Dude.)


2 Responses to “Hang tight…”

  1. That was funny. Can’t wait to hear more. I am so looking forward to this movie.

  2. “Never mess with Icelandic women”

    What the hell, I’s still like to try, lol
    Thanks for updates 😉

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