And just for the heck of it…

Who do YOU see Dylan being compared to?  I see him as a mix between Rick from Casablanca (who gets left in Paris time and again but doesn’t have Rick’s bitterness), Jake from Chinatown (a hard-luck hero who tries to make his best out of situations that always seem to get the better of him), and a touch of Sherlock Holmes’ melancholy (a melancholy that often comes with genius).  For those of you who know the comic, how would you describe him to someone who doesn’t?

-Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Stuntguy/GNG (Generally Nice Guy)


12 Responses to “And just for the heck of it…”

  1. Dylatn reminds me of Freddie on Scooby Doo, suave, ladies man, fighting vampires and monsters, solving cases. Thinking along these lines, a cartoon show like Scooby Doo could be done on a weekly basis. Just need the right writing team and it could be the next big hit for you.

    Scooooooooby Doooooooobby Dooooooooooo. LOL

  2. PHil.from.Italy Says:

    HI! I’m a huge Dylan’s fan from italy! I grew up reading his stories and I can say I’m a major expert about him! Dylan is surely a romantic hero (melancholic and “touched by fate”), definitely similar to Sherlock Holmes but also very different! The “old boy” expression is the best way to define him: he sometimes has teenage attitude (like falling in love so often or loving horror cult movies and music) but he’s also as wise and sensitive about Life (and Death) and, above all, Nightmares, as a romantic poet (just like Dylan Thomas, read about him!). One thing Brandon Routh will definitely have to cope with is that Dylan has a HUGE general knowledge: I mean Literature of all genre, History and Mythology, music and cinema, detective skills…and whatever! So, Brandon, do your homework before saying you’re “playing Dylan”!! (I’m an actor too!) Best wishes!

  3. deadofnightmovie Says:

    Welcome, Phil. Glad to have folks from Italy on here, as you’re bound to be the hardest to please! (In a good way that keeps us striving for the best.)

  4. Hello,
    I’m from Italy to, and grew up with Dylan Dog (mattered of fact I continue to read it).
    I see him as a ‘Mature’ version of Baudelair.
    Is BLOCH /Jenkins (because Jenkins and Bloch have good comic between tehm) going to be in it?

  5. deadofnightmovie Says:

    That’s a good one, RossiP. Oh, and check out some of the other posts where we address Block and Jenkins. The most honest answer is “sort of”.

  6. […] – sesto post: niente Groucho, niente Londra, niente Bloch, ma cazzo sul Maggiolone hanno puntato i piedi e il Maggiolone ci sarà! Vai così, duri e puri! Inoltre Dan dimostra di avere un’idea tutto sommato condivisibile su Dylan Dog personaggio. Forse. Chiede timidamente conferma nel settimo post. […]

  7. Thanks for the Deadofnightmovie!
    Is Dylan going to have his 6 and half sense?

  8. hi to the guys working for the dead of night…first off,i realize that your attitude and enthusiasm shooting this movie are completely genuine ,and i do really like it..i just wanna try to explain you why,here in italy,we are so sceptical about the whole thing..dylan dog is much more than a comic book for italian boys and girls borned between the mid seventies and the mid eighties,it s like an artistical experiment that’s been able to mix poetry,cinema,music,pilosophy,sci fi, and much more,all of those things in the heart of the protagonist…the creator of dylan dog,tiziano sclavi,created something so unique and strong,that shocked and rocked the whole citalian comic industry for about ten year..dylan became like a brother for their readers(and it’s still like that),and the same things for his pals (groucho,jenkins,bloch…).he became something so strong related to the reader’s emotional side,that we’re kind of jelous of him,and we don’t like if the theme of his history is is partially changhed,,because it’s like you changed a part of our adolescensce,of our’s kind of childish but it’s like that..i don’t think you’d like if we put a fuxia lycra dress to your superman or really sounds childish but it’s like that,truly.

  9. deadofnightmovie Says:

    It’s not childish at all, ilcile. We completely understand and appreciate what a great responsibility that it is to make this movie. Part of the reason I’m doing this is to try and show, from a few different perspectives, how much we care about Dylan and are doing our best to remain true to who he is.

  10. Ivica Serdarot Says:

    I’d say Charles Baudelaire with a bit of Italian giallo solving skills added to the mix (you know, looking for that missing piece), plus some of Rupert Everett’s charm. In fact, Rupert Everett himself gave the best possible Dylan Dog performance in Dellamorte Dellamore which you must have watched at some point during development.

  11. Stargazer Says:

    Well, as a newbie in the Dylan Dog universe, I think Dylan reminds me of Fox Mulder from the X-Files a little. But Dylan is an even more interesting guy. I love it that he is very smart and knowledgable about lots of stuff. I think he loves the adventure, but he is also a really kind and romantic guy. Yes, he loves the ladies, haha. Thats’ fun.

    What I also like about him is that he has a clear view between what’s right and wrong. And he is the good guy. He is not perfect but he tries to do good. BTW, I just learned about all that here:

    Soo glad I got the trade. Yes, a new Dylan Dog fan is born. 🙂

  12. Indagatore dell incubo Says:

    Dylan Dog is very, very special, not only for the comic dimension. I never read a comic or watched a genre movie with a character that is so profound like our indigatore dell incubo. He is no action hero, he had a alcohol problem, he has many phobias, he loves horror movies, he is vegetarian and takes care of human and animals, he is educated, he fells in love with every woman which asks for help [but he is not a “player”, he really falls in love every time!!!], and so on and so on: Dylan is “real” character, he is no Superman [ha ha!], he has feelings and is vulnerable, he does mistakes like everyone of us. And:
    he´s got the best sidekick ever – Groucho Rules!!!

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