…aaaand we’re back!!!

Well, for the four or five of you that noticed when we disappeared for a while, we’re back now and actually on set here in New Orleans this time.  I, Dan Forcey, am returning as your host.  And it’s just occurred to me that I might not have introduced myself properly last in my last few posts and perhaps I should to give you a bit better context in which to put the words you will be reading here.

My short theatre bible would include stuff like an undergrad degree in physics and philosophy, a grad degree in movement teaching and about ten years worth of experience working doing stunts in Los Angeles.  I started working for Platinum Studios as their webmaster and slowly over the years have transitioned (somehow) into the role of VP of Content Development.  I’ve been working on the script for Dead of Night in some way or another since I joined the company back in 2001 so it’s quite a rush to see it becoming a reality now.  I get to see it because I’ve come down here to be a small part of the stunt team.  I say small because, even though I spent 10 years in the stunt game, we’ve currently gotten some of the best guys in the business working on this.  I’m sure you’ll hear more about them as this blog progresses, as much of my perspective will be from standing behind them and doing my best to make myself useful as they do their work.

But enough about me, as I’m sure you’re not interested in me.  You’re here for all the dirt, scandal and behind the scenes insight that this blog has promised!  Well, the scandal started with a band Monday morning with a production meeting where we all stepped through the schedule for the upcoming week.  Scandalous, right?  Then Kevin (Munroe, the director) and I spend nearly 5 minutes discussing the movement designs I had sent him the night before.  It was a heated 5 minutes where he had the audacity to say he liked everything I had done and couldn’t wait to turn it over to the actors!  We nearly came to blows over that, believe me!  🙂

I’m (as my British wife would say) taking the piss a bit there.  This isn’t one of THOSE blogs.  I can’t promise you any dirty little secrets into the lives of our stars or behind the scenes scandals.  What I can promise you is an inside look into how things are progressing here on the ground here in New Orleans from a stuntman turned development executive turned stuntman and I’m not sure you find that very often.  The other thing that I can promise you is absolute and complete honestly.  It won’t be whitewashed and it won’t be checked and cleared by the studio first.  I’ll do my best to keep that true to any guests I may bring on here, as I’m hoping to get some guest stars from the production on here as well.

So jump on board and enjoy the ride.  I can’t promise it will always be exciting, but it will certainly be real and unique and in a world where Ashton Kutcher’s chest waxing makes front pages what else can you ask for?


5 Responses to “…aaaand we’re back!!!”

  1. Victor Castro Says:

    This is going to be a great ride. Look forward to seeing it.

  2. Dan, you’re a regular William Shakespeare!

  3. Bernsee Says:

    Welcome back. Us 4 or 5 have been waiting for you patiently. We’ll help spread the word.

  4. I hope that we can expect more information about the movie, and can you tell us a litlle bit of the plot…?

  5. Stargazer Says:

    “But enough about me, as I’m sure you’re not interested in me. You’re here for all the dirt, scandal and behind the scenes insight that this blog has promised!”

    hahaha, you’re so funny! And please, let us ( Brandon and Dylan fans) know ALL you can! Including pictures from the set. Thank you. 🙂

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