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Several months ago, I was asked to stop posting to this blog and leave it in the hands of those who know better how to market a movie.  I encourage all of you to refer to the Dylan Dog movie page on Facebook for all the latest news and announcements.  There are some wonderful fans there who are keeping on top of all the latest news.  Thank all of you who followed things here and I hope you all enjoy the movie when you see it as much as I enjoyed making it.  I really had a lot of fun doing this and met some wonderful people who love Dylan as much as I do.


Dan Forcey

Development Exec/Former Stunt Guy/GBPS (Giuda Ballerino Per Sempre)



Trailer sightings…

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Hey, everyone.  Just wanted to address this so-called “trailer” that has popped up around the web in the last few days.  I appreciate some of you trying to share the link to it here on the blog, but it actually wasn’t something we ever intended to be viewed by the public.  It was created many months ago as a sales tool for our international sales folks to use.  It was made BEFORE a lot of the effects were finished and even uses some test footage that was created before the movie was even done.  In fact, there are many creative directions there that weren’t in the finished stages at all.  It is NOT representative of what the movie ultimately looked like.  We’ve been trying to get it removed from various sites because we think it really isn’t representative of what the movie is now AT ALL.  A lot of people, myself included, worked very hard to create a movie we’re all very proud of and I can say with 100% certainty that what is in that “trailer” is not the product we created.  The good part of that is that we’re now bending all of our efforts to get an official trailer out there to show you all what the movie really is.  Look for it soon.


Again, reports of our demise have been…

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…greatly exaggerated.  The film is still very much alive and moving forward.  It’s just taking us a little longer than we would like to iron out domestic distribution.  BUT they are moving forward.  As a matter of fact, our brand new teaser will be premiering here:  Hopefully, we’ll be able to share it here as soon as they show it at the festival.



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Yep, in case you didn’t hear it, we have indeed received our rating from the MPAA.  Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is now rated PG-13.  We argued quite strongly with the MPAA, as it had initially been given an R rating, but without changing a frame of the actual film were able to convince them that it should be PG-13.  As I said earlier on this blog, we didn’t want to compromise a frame of what we wanted to do with the movie, and Kevin wasn’t asked to edit to any particular rating, but the fact that we got to a PG-13 without having to compromise anything is pretty exciting to me.  More news soon…


Review anyone?

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Someone saw the latest test screening and has posted a review over at our Facebook page.  This is NOT a professional blogger that we invited, just a Dylan fan who happened to see the film and wanted to share his thoughts.!/notes/dylan-dog-dead-of-night-film/i-saw-dylan-dog-dead-of-night-review-eng/400436906794




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Not sure who actually invented the internet, but I’m pretty sure whoever did (and I’m talking to you, Al Gore) also invented the game of “Telephone”.  For those raised in a generation of video games and other things that my much less cool, but more inventive (by necessity) generation did not have, let me explain.  Telephone was a game where you took a piece of information, whisper it to a friend who whispers it to a friend who whispers it to a friend, etc. until you announce the final version that the last person receives.  Not the most exciting of games, but we didn’t even have Pong back then, so we did what we could.  🙂

Let me give you an example, and perhaps you’ll see how it’s valid.  One really nice blogger finds a screening of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night online, drives many, many miles to see it, and then blogs her review of it online.  Put this information in the hyper-speed game of Telephone that is the internet for 9 months or so and it becomes “Platinum and Moviemax are doing special screenings for bloggers to make their movie look better.”

Really, we’re not.  It’s not a bad idea.  Maybe sometime in the future we may try that out on another movie, but we’re not doing that here. Let me say it as clearly as possible: we have not invited a single blogger to a screening of this film.  Nor has Moviemax (they have not even been given the film yet).

And to Vanna, I really hope that your fantastic piece that you worked very hard to get out there has not somehow been diminished by it being morphed into some conspiracy.  You were being a good reporter and got in where you weren’t supposed to (you sneaky bugger, you) and wrote a great article because of it that I hope a lot of people enjoy.


Great new article

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Hey, everyone.  If you haven’t yet, please check out the Dylan Dog: Dead of Night fan page over on Facebook.  The Admins there are great and there are plenty of other fans to interact with.  PLUS, there’s great articles, like this: